All That Jazz a Pin-Up Parody Extravaganza Vol.1

She is Femme Fatale’s Fan Favorite’s ” Bad Girl” of Comics, she is Ricky Carralero’s JAZZ!

Join us now as original creator/writer Ricky Carralero teams up with fabulous artist Birlocho on a new take of the cult classic DOUBLE IMPACT featuring Jazz in her pinup book we lovingly dubbed “ALL THAT JAZZ ANTHOLOGY”!!

Once upon a time… young Ricky launched a myriad of “bad girl comics”. Double Impact #1 launched in the 90’s to an astonishing 200,000 copies with each variant cover going for 50,000 printruns, resulting in crossovers (Hellina, Lethal Strike, Luxura), Bikini & Lingerie Pinup issues to Nude/NSFW covers, to origin spinoff series about D.I.’s top special agents China, Jazz and the assassin Nikki Blade.

Now join Ricky Carralero as he will show you JAZZ in ways you could only dream about before! A 40 pg full color pinup book, illustrated by artist Birlocho.



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