Fuego Del Sol on AEW’s Unrestricted Podcast

Fuego Del Sol is officially All Elite! He explains why he thought his match on RAMPAGE was initially his swan song for AEW. He also speaks to his best friend, Sammy Guevara, surprising him with his AEW contract, how he shared the news and celebrated with his family, what it meant to snap his 40-match losing streak, making a name for himself on Sammy’s Vlog, and the organic growth of his homegrown popularity. Fuego shares the story behind his character and mask, what it means to be Alabama’s #1 Luchador, and how he’s learned from Cody Rhodes, Ethan Page, Lance Archer, Scorpio Sky, and Brian Cage. Plus, he reveals some of his favorite skits from Sammy’s Vlog.

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Fuego Del Sol on Sammy Guevara giving him his AEW signing news:

“To let him, my best friend, come out and hand me the contract and do it on one of the biggest stages it could possibly be done, on the first RAMPAGE, was one of the greatest moments of my career.”

Fuego Del Sol on being Alabama’s #1 Luchador:

“I know it’s funny on the surface, but Fuego Del Sol, the luchador from Mobile, Alabama, Alabama’s #1 Luchador, is probably something that you’ve never seen before and will never see again.”




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