MarkWHO42 – episode 238 – MarkWHO42’s Origin

Journey back to August 2012 when Mark Baumgarten and Trish Freyre (then Helm) invited Eduardo M. Freyre to join their cast of improv characters talking about Doctor Who on a show called MarkWHO42 & Torrid Tori’s Podcast Blog. This show was so COOL it even had a special effects budget!!!

This episode is from a 2-parter called The MarkWHO42 Experiment after the first Doctor Who Mark ever saw back in 1978, The Sontaran Experiment. UNCUT and complete!!!

MarkWHO42! Even back in it’s first incarnation, it was really awesome… and still is!!!


Mark Baumgarten is an old school Whovian who hosts and runs the award-winning Doctor Who online radio show and podcast MarkWHO42. He became a fan in 1978 and worked on several of the Omnicon Conventions in South Florida back in the 1980's. With an accumulated knowledge of Who-lore as well as Science Fiction in general, he needed to share it with the world. In 2010 he started markwho42 Books selling Doctor Who books online and at conventions and in 2012 started the show MarkWHO42 and has been invited as a guest panelist at conventions around the country. He definitely puts the "Mark" in MarkWHO42!

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