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Spooky Empire 2020 Cancellation: Both Events

While we have been doing our best to bring a little Spooky Empire into our lives this year, unfortunately it just isn’t in the cards. All of the planning in the world would still not help us execute the caliber of event that we are used to producing, and more importantly the kind of event you’re used to attending. There’s just no way we could put out a product this year, put our name on it, and be proud.

With the state we are in here in Florida, even a few days in the future is unpredictable. Keeping our attendees, vendors, staff, volunteers and families safe is paramount to us, and taking the risk at bringing everyone together right now is not something we’re comfortable with, nor does it make it easy to plan a large event. Everything involved in this production is affected from travel to meet and greets and parties to photo ops. Not to mention the financial burden of safety protocols, capacity limits and cancellations.

So that means BOTH Spooky Empire events have officially been cancelled as of today. That includes the August event at the Wyndham in Orlando and the Halloween event in Tampa. We thank the Wyndham and the City of Tampa/Convention Center for working with us this year and for their cooperation.

We are absolutely crushed by this final decision, but we know it’s ultimately the best one for everyone.

Moving forward, we are very excited to already have our dates for 2021 locked in so that we can plan on a blowout like no other next year!

⭐️April 30–May 1, 2021 – Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive
⭐️October 22-24, 2021 – Hyatt Regency Orlando

So where do you go from here? The following is all the information you need:

Anyone that purchased a ticket or VIP package for the upcoming August event has a choice.
Please keep an eye out for a survey that will be emailed to all ticket holders this week.

1. HOLD ON TO YOUR TICKETS: They can be used at either of the 2 shows next year (see dates above).
Please keep in mind that due to the state of the event industry, it is extremely likely ticket prices, among other things will go up. Keeping your pre-purchased tickets will lock in the 2020 prices for you. If you decide to hold on to your tickets (and we hope you do) there is nothing you need to do. Those tickets will still be valid and automatically active for either show. (If you had VIP and decide to hold to those, we’ll contact you closer to those events)

2. TRANSFER YOUR TICKETS: You may pass your tickets on to a friend or family member.

3. REQUEST A REFUND: If necessary, you can request a refund via the survey that is going out to you. Please allow some time to receive the refund; we will do our best to get those processed as soon as we can. We are waiting on refunds as well and they have to be processed individually.

We will be sending out a separate survey with available choices to you.

1. HOLD ON TO YOUR BOOTH – we will transfer it to the show of your choice next year. Keep in mind there is also a good chance booth/table prices will go up. Keeping your credit with us will lock in the original 2020 price.

2. CANCEL YOUR BOOTH SPACE – If necessary, you can request a refund of your deposit via the survey. Again, please allow some time to receive the refund; we will do our best to get those processed as soon as we can. We are waiting on refunds as well.

All room reservations that were reserved under the Spooky Empire block at the Wyndham will also be automatically cancelled.

Thank you ALL, we miss you!! Stay safe, Wear a Mask, Wash your hands, and we’ll see you in 2021!!


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