Freddy Got Fingered

Another thrilling installment of maybe It’s Horror is upon us with the 2001 cinematic masterpiece, Freddy Got Fingered.

The film stars Tom Green, who also directed and wrote the film, along with his friend, Derek Harvie.

The film was nominated for a total of eight Razzie Awards, winning five: worst screenplay, worst actor, worst director, worst screen couple, and worst picture, though it lost for worst supporting actor, worst supporting actress, and worst movie of decade.

We compare the film to its contemporaries: Tomcats, American Pie, Say It Isn’t So, Joe Dirt, and so forth.

Rip Torn plays Green’s onscreen father, Jim Brody. We talk about his depiction, the comparisons to Green’s real-life, and whether or not he did in fact do the Freddy fingering.

Marisa Coughlan plays Betty Menger, Green’s differently-abled significant other, whose passions are rocket propulsion and fellatio.

Harland Williams plays Darren, the only functional person in the film.

We also talk about the saddest misfortune of this film, the fact that all of Stephen Tobolowsky’s scenes were cut due to homophobic screen-testers. Sadly, as the film is now owned by Disney, it seems the likelihood of the long-desired Director’s Cut will never happen.

We also discuss X-Ray Cat and Zebras in America by Beavis and Butthead alum, Chris Prynoski.

How does this film compare to The Breakfast Club with Anthony Michael Hall and Kazam with Shaquille O’Neil? We talk about it.

Did you know some poor MF was arrested over this film in 2016? For a warrant from 2002! That is the slothly hand of justice working wonders.

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