Cosplay Monday from Space Coast Comic Con 2022


Space Coast Comic Con started off as a dream for David Grace and family. David set out to create the ultimate comic con experience here in Brevard County. The first ever Space Coast Comic Con was held at the Radisson on the Port in Cape Canaveral back in 2015. That was a marvelous event. We saw a great assortment of people, such as Cecil Garner, Brad Bradley, and countless other people become legend in our community, and it only has warmed all our hearts here at Space Coast Comic Con.

The following years the show moved out over in Cocoa’s Space Coast Convention Center, until the world was rattled with covid-19, yet the desire to bring this awesome con back to the area was never far from our minds. Finally we were given a chance to bring the show back, for a special one day event this June before we get back into full swing with 3 day events again.

So we proudly bring you Space Coast Comic Con 2022! David and I welcome you to our shows triumphant return!

Over the years our we’ve been to many comic-cons, anime expos, and Sci-Fi conventions and as these cons all morph into something completely different, the one thing always stays the same are the fans. It is amazing so many people (us included) stay dedicated to a story or idea that has effected them passionately. Seeing everyone express there love whether coming out to see their favorite guest, cosplaying as their favorite character, or simply buying a piece of art from a local vendor is awe inspiring.
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