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Review: Knights of the 5th Dimension (Vol. 1)

Knights of the 5th Dimension (Vol. 1)

Illustrated by: Walter Flanagan

Written by: Casey Van Heel

Blue Juice Comics



“Knights of the 5th Dimension” is a captivating graphic novel that pays tribute to the golden era of comic books while delivering an engaging and nostalgic story. Written by Casey Van Heel, illustrated by Walter Flanagan, and colored by Wayne Jansen, this collaboration brings together a talented team to create a visually stunning and immersive experience.


The story revolves around William “the wizard” Gardner, a reclusive comic book creator and artist who has been the driving force behind the legendary Psychedelic Knights of the 5th Dimension for decades. The narrative takes us on a journey through William’s creative process, showcasing his inspirations and the impact of his work on popular culture. From comic books to toys, action figures, cartoons, and even film adaptations, the legacy of the Psychedelic Knights stretches far and wide.


One of the standout aspects of this graphic novel is its homage to the creations of the legendary Jack Kirby. Fans of Kirby’s work will appreciate the lovingly crafted references and nods to his iconic characters and art style. The illustrations by Walter Flanagan beautifully capture the essence of the Bronze Age of comics, bringing larger-than-life characters to vivid life on the page. Flanagan’s attention to detail and dynamic panel layouts make each page a visual treat.

Casey Van Heel’s writing seamlessly weaves together elements of fantasy, adventure, and nostalgia. The narrative strikes a perfect balance between exploring the inner workings of a comic book creator’s mind and immersing the reader in a thrilling story filled with action and imagination. Van Heel’s understanding of the comic book medium shines through, resulting in a story that appeals to both long-time comic book fans and newcomers alike.


The color work by Wayne Jansen enhances the overall atmosphere of the graphic novel, adding depth and vibrancy to the illustrations. Jansen’s palette choices complement the story’s themes, from vibrant psychedelic scenes to darker, moodier moments, creating a visual journey that matches the narrative beats perfectly.


“Knights of the 5th Dimension” is a must-read for fans of Bronze Age comics and those who appreciate the influence and creativity of legendary comic book creators. It not only pays homage to the past but also stands as a unique and captivating story in its own right. Blue Juice Comics, under the expert editing of Thomas Mumme, has once again delivered a quality publication that will delight comic book enthusiasts.


In conclusion, “Knights of the 5th Dimension” successfully captures the spirit of the Bronze Age, serving as a love letter to comic books and the artists who have shaped the industry. With its engaging story, stunning artwork, and nostalgic charm, this graphic novel deserves a place on the shelves of any comic book aficionado.


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Knights of the 5th Dimension: A Graphic Novel Tribute to Comic Book Golden Era

"Knights of the 5th Dimension" is a highly recommended read for fans of Bronze Age comics and those who appreciate the creativity of legendary comic book creators. The publication pays tribute to the past while also being a captivating story in its own right. Blue Juice Comics, with the expert editing of Thomas Mumme, has produced another quality publication that comic book enthusiasts will enjoy.


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