Blue Beetle’s Box Office Struggle Raises Concerns

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In Ep. 578, Nick and I discuss Blue Beetle’s lackluster box office debut, Disney diving into AI with a dedicated task force, the disqualifications at the Pokemon World Championships, and more!

Time Stamps:

0:00:14 Introducing the Reasons I’m Broke podcast with Daniel and Nick
0:00:58 Fallout from Pokemon World Championships: Use of Hacked Pokemon
0:05:40 IDW’s Creator-Owned Comics Line Facing Cancellation
0:10:24 Ambitious Ideas for Combining Comics and Coffee Industry
0:12:03 Disappointing Experience at the Mall
0:12:55 Frustration with complicated drink orders
0:16:24 Disney’s use of AI in theme parks and entertainment
0:20:14 Disney+ tackling password sharing and price hikes
0:24:23 Rise in Physical Sales due to Content Removals
0:24:47 Streaming Services Crack Down on Password Sharing
0:33:28 Universal’s Fast X likely to go to Netflix eventually
0:34:24 The Fast and Furious Franchise: From Cars to Space
0:37:33 Zachary Levi Criticizes Hollywood’s “Garbage” Movies
0:42:44 Desperate Plea for Support for Shazam
0:52:34 Characters in Comics: Blue Beetle and Hawkman
1:01:43 Perceptions of Reality and Watching Suspenseful Movies
1:03:10 Christian Bale’s Extreme Commitment to Method Acting
1:06:28 Dream Hangouts: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Sudeikis, and more
1:11:22 Mixed feelings about the movie’s ideas and execution
1:15:11 Dreaming of Meeting Kevin Smith and Matt Damon

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