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Review: Mississippi Zombie

Mississippi Zombie

Illustrated by: Phil Williams, Antonio Acevedo, Rod Espinoza, Dan Gorman, Shaun Barbour, Harrison Wood, Oscar Pinto, with cover art by Spike Jarrell.

Written by: Bradley Golden, Alex Barranco, Joe Wight, Marcus H. Roberts, Peter Breau and John Breau

Caliber Comics


It was the year 2000. Numerous reports of rabid animal attacks began to occur sporadically throughout the northern parts of United States. Many blamed these assaults on environmental changes that affected the neurology of the wildlife. And once bitten by these animals, humans found themselves transformed into mindless carnivorous beings akin to zombies. But these reports soon became more widespread, and the last and only place that had not been infected at that time was the great Mississippi region. Well that was then…this is now. The walking dead have begun to make their presence felt here and all manner of mutated creatures are crossing the Mississippi River every day. Life has become an ongoing struggle for survival. Collected here are FIVE of humanity’s apocalyptic nightmares! Also included is a pin-up gallery from acclaimed artist Rod Espinoza.

In the year 2000, reports of animal attacks blamed on environmental changes causing neurological changes spread throughout the northern parts of the US. Those bitten became mindless carnivorous beings similar to zombies. The Mississippi region was the last unaffected area, but now the walking dead and mutated creatures are crossing the river. The book contains five apocalyptic nightmares and a pin-up gallery by Rod Espinoza.

Set against the backdrop of the great Mississippi region, the book delves into a world overrun by the undead and grotesque mutated creatures. The concept of the last bastion of uninfected land slowly succumbing to the relentless march of the walking dead is intriguing and provides a fresh twist to the zombie genre. The authors manage to capture the essence of survival horror, highlighting the characters’ struggles as they fight to stay alive in this nightmarish landscape.


The book’s strength lies in its vivid illustrations, which bring the horrors of the world to life. The artists, including Phil Williams, Antonio Acevedo, and Rod Espinoza, skillfully depict the gruesome creatures and tense moments, enhancing the reader’s experience and adding depth to the story.

One of the notable aspects of “Mississippi Zombie” is its attempt to expand the scope of the apocalypse beyond traditional zombies. The mutated creatures crossing the Mississippi River add an element of unpredictability and fear, showcasing the writers’ creativity in crafting a diverse range of threats. This variety prevents the story from becoming monotonous and keeps readers engaged.


The inclusion of a pin-up gallery by Rod Espinoza adds a visual treat, allowing readers to appreciate the artistic talent behind the project. The cover art by Spike Jarrell effectively captures the grim atmosphere of the book.

In conclusion, “Mississippi Zombie” presents an intriguing concept that breathes new life into the zombie genre. The collaborative effort provides diverse perspectives and a variety of horrors, but the lack of consistency in writing style occasionally hampers the overall experience. While the book may not stand as a masterpiece, it succeeds in delivering a gripping tale of survival against all odds, complete with visceral illustrations that are sure to linger in readers’ minds.

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A Riveting Descent into Horror - "Mississippi Zombie" by Bradley Golden

"Mississippi Zombie" takes readers on a journey into a chillingly reimagined world where humanity's worst nightmares are brought to life. Bradley Golden's collaborative effort, featuring a collection of writers and illustrators, introduces us to a post-apocalyptic scenario where rabid animal attacks in the early 2000s have led to a zombie-like epidemic. While the premise holds promise, the execution leaves something to be desired.


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