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Discover a Magical Adventure in “Cissy” by Scout Comics!


Prepare for a heartwarming and magical journey like no other as you dive into the enchanting world of “Cissy.” Led by a surly Teddy Bear with a heart of gold, this captivating story will take you on an epic rescue mission through a dark and fantastical realm where courage and love will be put to the test.

πŸ“œ Synopsis:

In the wake of his mother’s passing, 11-year-old Gabriel finds himself thrust into the role of caregiver for his beloved younger sister, Maddy. Little do they know that Maddy holds the key to an ancient prophecy, one that predicts her as the savior of all creation from an existential threat known as the Lament. To protect her from this impending doom, Maddy is guarded by none other than Cissyβ€”an extraordinary Teddy Bear with a secret.

When Maddy is abducted by the sinister and diabolical creature known as The Crying Man, Cissy’s duty to safeguard her takes an urgent turn. Cissy must enlist Gabriel’s help and venture into the mystical realm of the Dark Lands. Their mission is clear: rescue Maddy at all costs and put an end to the looming threat of the Lament.

πŸŒ™ Join Gabriel as he embarks on a thrilling quest, awakened in the dead of night by the unexpected urgency of his sister’s Teddy Bear, Cissy. With unwavering determination, he’ll stop at nothing to reunite with Maddy. Together, they will unlock the door to the mythical Dark Lands, navigating its eerie horrors as they chase after Maddy’s captor, the sinister Crying Man.

🎨 Meet the Remarkable Creators:

πŸ“ Writer: Charles Chester
🎨 Illustration: Alonso Hernan Molina Gonzales
🌈 Colors: Juan Pablo Montenegro, Paulo Rivas, Ruvian, Ichsan Ansori
βœ‰οΈ Letters: Marshall Dillon, Lettersquids
πŸ“‹ Editor: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari

Get ready for a spellbinding tale that combines family bonds, fantasy, and adventure in a way that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you breathless. “Cissy” is the must-read comic of 2023 that promises to transport you to a world where the impossible becomes possible.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary journey. Join Gabriel, Cissy, and Maddy as they embark on an unforgettable quest to save not only Maddy but the entire realm of creation itself. Grab your copy of “Cissy” by Scout Comics and dive into the magic today! πŸ“šβœ¨


You can preorder Cissy now!


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