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Review: Rebel Moon – A Child Of Fire

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In Ep. 592, Millennial Mike, Matt, and I review Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire and discuss the film’s successful debut!

0:00:14 Introduction to The Reasons I’m Broke podcast
0:02:37 Millennial Mike’s Excitement for Rebel Moon
0:09:52 Millennial Mike’s Heavier Criticisms of Rebel Moon
0:14:34 The Influence of Zack Snyder on Appreciating the Movie
0:20:08 A Blockbuster Scale: The Need for a Series
0:24:17 Zack Snyder’s Directorial Freedom and Storytelling Economy
0:28:54 The Script Was Already Written, Possible Doctoring Up
0:37:04 The Potential Pitfalls of Multiple Movie Versions
0:40:44 Characters’ Deaths and Hints of More in the Director’s Cut
0:45:40 The Battle and the Resurrection Revelation
0:49:20 Jank Moments: Landing and Tentacle Scene
0:52:26 Soundtrack: Homages and Familiarity
0:56:08 Acting Analysis: Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, and the Cast
1:00:12 Criticism of Lead Character’s Portrayal and Acting Choices
1:04:17 Unfair criticism of the Snyder Cut
1:10:30 Kora’s character defies criticism from both sides
1:11:14 The Success and Controversy of Rebel Moon
1:15:54 Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: Recommendations for Rebel Moon
1:17:25 Fans latch onto Mandalorian with Baby Yoda
1:21:29 Expectations for Rebel Moon Part 2
1:25:02 Questioning the Editing and Impact of the Movie
1:29:54 Global Success of Zack Snyder’s Film on Netflix
1:30:42 Desire for Impact and Vindication
1:34:24 The Importance of the Director’s Cut and Its Reception
1:38:07 Self-awareness and Indulgence in the Discussion
1:38:23 Excitement for the Snyder Cut and Rebel Moon
1:41:26 Favorite Rebel Character Discussion

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