Akira Toriyama’s Legacy Lives On

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In Ep. 594, PalpaKelli and I discuss and celebrate Akira Toriyama, his eternal impact on anime, our first exposure to the world of Dragon Ball, and more!

0:00:14 Introduction to Akira Toriyama
0:00:42 Toriyama’s Life and Achievements
0:02:35 Early Life and Influences
0:02:49 Creation of Dragon Ball
0:03:20 Later Projects and Return to Dragon Ball
0:03:26 Personal Life and Hobbies
0:04:06 Toriyama’s Passing and Legacy
0:04:30 Early Exposure to Dragon Ball
0:05:33 Childhood Memories and Character Preferences
0:07:05 Different Experiences with Dragon Ball
0:08:05 From Frieza Saga Onwards
0:11:32 The Impact of Majin Vegeta
0:15:02 Toriyama’s Creative Process and Influence
0:17:32 Evolution of Vegeta’s Character
0:18:41 Vegeta’s Character Development
0:20:06 Vegeta and Bulma’s Relationship
0:20:56 Comparisons to Other Artists
0:21:47 Dragon Ball as an Entry Point to Anime
0:32:31 The Legacy of Vegeta
0:34:26 Cell: The Hilarious Villain
0:35:34 Vegeta’s Growth and Indoctrination
0:37:39 The Evolution of Broly in the Franchise
0:42:01 The Future of Dragon Ball Post-Toriyama
0:45:31 A Thank You to Akira Toriyama
0:47:37 Global Impact of Dragon Ball Tribute

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