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Event Report: Walker Stalker Outbreak 2018 After-Party Impresses With The Walking Dead Featured Guests


Moshi Moshi Productions is really going all out this year. After the recent Orlando Walker Stalker event, he and his crew put together the “Outbreak” after party with featured guests Ross Marquand and Michael Traynor.  Eric Raleigh even jumped on the bandwagon of fun at the Rosen Plaza Hotel!

Walking Dead artist Scott Spillman gave his resounding testimonial!

The Walker Stalker Orlando after party was amazing! You guys killed it! This has to be your best one yet Moshi!!!! We had such a great time! Most after parties I’ve been to are lights and a DJ. You bring SO MUCH MORE to your events. I left at 1:30 am and didn’t want to leave, but I knew I had to be at my booth bright and early.
I can’t wait to see what you do for the next one!!!!!

Moshi John recently posted an impressive video montage of the event.



Geek and entertainment news writer Brandon Davis gave a shout out to Moshi Moshi Productions (#moshiprod) as he’s been traveling from location to location covering the latest and greatest for ComicBook.com. He did a great job
playing host to the guest panels and celebrity interviews. Davis does great work, I’ve been following him for years. Kudos to his coverage and his prowess in engaging with his readers/audience.

We look forward to Moshi’s other events.


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