Florida Geek Scene is looking for contributors to our site.

What we’re looking for:

We’re interested in writers with a passion for geek and all things geek related. Anyone can be a writer, all you need is knowledge and a passion for the material you’re writing about.

Do you want to write an article about a character? An in depth history of an artist, writer or publisher? A review of a comic you just read or maybe a video game you just played? We’d be interested in publishing it.

You don’t need to be an established writer, but if you’re not, we’d need to take a look at a sample of your writing.

What you need to do:

Contact us with a brief description of yourself, your expertise & skills and your topic of interests.

If you’re published, attach some URLs of your work in your e-mail.

Suggest topics that you would be interested in writing about and the type of article/post you would write.

Quality matters more than length. While we’re not looking for short 200 word posts, we’d prefer 500+, it’s the quality of the post that matters. Write what you think people will want to read about and put your passion behind it.

We prefer that you include images with your writing. You can attach those to your e-mail. Please credit the image owner when applicable.

Include 2-3 sentence biography of yourself. This will appear at the very bottom of the article. If you have any website or social networking profile links you’d like there, include them. Affiliate links are unacceptable without reason.

Be yourself, but be objective. Your writing is your personality. Let it shine through.


At this point, we’re unable to pay for any submissions. But you can still get some benefits for writing for us.

We currently average roughly 200,000 visitors a month to our site. Those are all potential readers for your writing. Be part of a quickly growing site! We’re a relatively new site, but we’re growing a good rate!

The other stuff:

We try to only publish new content, not previously published online articles.
We reserve the right to edit your article and reformat it to fit our site’s look and design.
We retain the rights to be the sole publisher of your article for six months beginning at the publication date. After the six month period, the rights revert back to you and you can publish it anywhere else you see fit. We will still retain the right to keep the post on our site for an indefinite time.

If you’re still interested in sharing your skills and knowledge with the world, we’ll give you that opportunity!

Lastly if you’re part of a “writing team” who has a “great article” for us but wants to include a link in the article to sell your product. Please take a look at our advertising page.

Thanks, and we look forward to your contributions!