We Be Geeks 273: Zombies On The Plane

Did you see those Captain Marvel pictures?  The Dazzling Duo certainly saw them, and they discuss all the Captain Marvel goodness, along with other movie and TV news, and a bit of panel news from the upcoming New York Comic-Con.

Topics discussed in this episode include:
  • The reason behind the blue and green Captain Marvel costume.
  • A familiar face from Star Wars playing a Skrull.
  • The possibility of the next Spider-Man movie as a prequel to Infinity War.
  • The 40th anniversary of Superman: The Movie.
  • Wile E Coyote getting his own movie.
  • The list of superhero movies coming out in 2019.
  • A casting update for the Doom Patrol series.
  • A casting update for season 2 of Black Lightning.
  • Walking Dead in real life.
  • An update on the Game Of Thrones prequel.
  • A listing of the Marvel panels at New York Comic-Con.
  • A listing of the Dreamworks panels at New York Comic-Con.

Mike Ehmcke spent most of his childhood, adolescence, and college years relocating to various locations throughout the country. His love of Star Wars/sci-fi/fantasy/comics and superheroes helped ease the pain of all the moves he encountered. As a high school sophomore, he started working for The Mark Twain Musical Drama.  His love of theatre and audio had him chasing schools that would be able to give him the knowledge he was looking for. This propelled him into his current role as an audio engineer.  He has spent 33 years working in the industry with the last 20 ½ years being spent at one of the top entertainment companies in the world. Mike is the host of both We Be Geeks, Mighty Marvel Geeks and Wookiee Radio

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