We Be Geeks 275: From Killer Klowns to The Joker

This week, the Dazzling Duo pit Marvel and DC against each other in a No-Holds-Barred, bloody cage match to see who will come out victorious and be declared the CHAMPION OF TELEVISION!  Or, something like that I guess.  Really, they just cover some interesting stories about those two combatants AND MORE!

Topics discussed in this episode include:
  1. Cassandra Amell to play Nora Fries on Arrow.
  2. The final season of Gotham will be a slobberknocker.
  3. Loki, Scarlet Witch, and several other characters will be getting shows on the upcoming Disney Streaming service.
  4. ABC is planning a new series about an all-female team of Marvel characters.
  5. The Defenders might not be coming back at all.
  6. Sony announces the Playstation Classic.
  7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space might finally be getting a sequel.
  8. The full cast has been announced for the upcoming Joker film.
  9. Bryan Singer to direct the planned Red Sonia movie.
  10. Patrick Stewart cast as Bosley in the Charlie’s Angels reboot.
  11. Details on the newest incarnation of Power Rangers.

Mike Ehmcke spent most of his childhood, adolescence, and college years relocating to various locations throughout the country. His love of Star Wars/sci-fi/fantasy/comics and superheroes helped ease the pain of all the moves he encountered. As a high school sophomore, he started working for The Mark Twain Musical Drama.  His love of theatre and audio had him chasing schools that would be able to give him the knowledge he was looking for. This propelled him into his current role as an audio engineer.  He has spent 33 years working in the industry with the last 20 ½ years being spent at one of the top entertainment companies in the world. Mike is the host of both We Be Geeks, Mighty Marvel Geeks and Wookiee Radio