Event Report

Vector Initiative Arcade Auction

Back in the days of my youth there was a TV channel called Tech TV and they had a show called X-Play about video game reviews. One episode they did a piece on an arcade auction and after we moved to Florida I went to one with my dad. I wasn’t able to buy anything at the time, being in my early teens with no income at the time, but I still had fun.

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On Sunday I went to the Vector Initiative arcade auction and swap meet. I got there around 9:30 in the morning so I could get registered and check out the swap meet. The swap meet didn’t have many people so I went in to check out the games before it got to crowded. To register to bid you needed to hand over your license, I guess that way you can’t bid and then leave half way through. They had a few games I was interested in but I didn’t bring much money with me because I have a trip coming up this week that you’ll be able to read all about soon.

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After playing a couple of games it was getting crowded so I sat in my car for a bit until the auction started. This was a mistake because it was even more crowded when I went back in. Around 11 the auction started and right away I knew that I didn’t bring enough money with me.

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At lunch they had free BBQ, so I guess it wasn’t a wasted trip. After lunch was another round of auctions but about half way I decided to leave. I turned in my number, got my license back, got some more BBQ and went to go see Godzilla.

Next time I’ll be more prepared, so third times the charm I guess. Unless the next time happens to fall a few days before I go on a trip again… but what are the odds of that?


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