Adventures In Japan Day 2: Tourin’ Tokyo

Did you know that in Japan the sun rises at 4:30am? Because I know that… now.

Today started at 7am with breakfast: rice, miso soup, fries, tofu and bread.

After breakfast we were on the bus, our tour guide teaching us about Japanese history. Our first stop was Asakusa Kannon Temple. There we preformed chozu, an act of purifying yourself before entering a shrine. One of the tourist shops that are set up near the temple was selling a Godzilla snow globe, so I had to buy it.

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After the temple we went to the Meiji Shinto Shrine where we preformed chozu again and made an offering and prayed. I also saw a demon well and told my niece I was going to throw her inside.

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After the shrine we went to Harajuku. My niece went to McDonalds and then a cat cafe. I had lunch at Yoshinoya, a fast food chain that serves bowls. I got a pork bowl and miso soup. I walked around going with the flow of the crowd and found japanese kit kats.

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After that we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building observation room to get a look at the city from 45 stories up. We went to the south deck so we could see the Tokyo Skytree. From the north deck we would of been able to see Mount Fuji, but unfortunately we didn’t go to the north deck. The observation deck also had a gift shop and that gift shop had Godzilla underwear.


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Then we went to Akihabara, my niece went to an Owl and Hedgehog cafe while I went to the Taito Game Station. Walking around I found a game called Sonic Blast Heroes. The game involves a real boxing glove and a real punching bag and you punch the bag as hard as you can.

I then went to a used game store passing girls advertising maid cafes the whole way. The first floor was new games, the second floor was old games and imports, the third floor was figures, the fourth floor was dvds and the fifth and sixth floors were adults only games and dvds.

I looked around the used games, not really looking for anything in particular until Chrono Trigger caught my eye. Yeah it’s in Japanese and yeah I have the Playstation version, but it’s Chrono Trigger so I bought it. I also found a copy of Super Godzilla so I bought that and a Kaiju soccer game that was only released in Japan. After looking at the DVD section (The had the entire Gojira collection for 30000 yen) I walked around outside a bit until I saw Godzilla again, this time at Tamashii Nations Tokyo.

I think Tamashii Nations is a toy store but instead of a regular toy store they have the figures on display so it’s kind of museumish. They were doing a Godzilla exhibit so I had to check that out. When I finished that it was time to get back on the bus.


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We finished off the day with Chanko Nabe (Sumo Hot Pot). Chicken and cabbage boiled in a soup broth on the table in front of you. It was good.

We took a bus everywhere but because of the time, we had to take the subway, but we made it back with no problems.

Today’s candy is Volt Almond. It’s a chocolate coated cookie bar with almonds. I wasn’t expecting the cookie bar so biting into it was a surprise at first but looking at the wrapper it’s obvious what I was getting in to. I like it

Today was just a Godzilla kind of day.


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