Adventures In Japan Day 3: Let Loose In Tokyo

Today was a free day in Tokyo, we were given a 24 hour pass to the subway and let loose. And by let loose I mean I stayed with my group because my niece wanted to go to the Pokemon store.

After breakfast we took the subway to Ueno park where they went to the zoo and I walked around because I didn’t feel like going to the zoo. What’s so great about the zoo? I could go to any zoo and see the same animals, so if I’m going to go I want to see something different like a tanuki or a kappa. Instead I walked around and played Pokemon Go and looked at dogs, so it was pretty much the same experience. The park also has two shrines, but I only prayed at one. With about 10 minutes until the meeting time I decided to look if there was an arcade around, there was one close but I didn’t have time at that point.

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After Ueno park we went to Sunshine City Alpa and the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo. It was so crowded that we ended up spending an hour there and had to skip lunch.


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After Sunshine City we went to Honda Welcome Plaza AOYAMA for a robot show. Before that I went to 7-11 and got a sausage on a stick for lunch. The robot show was Honda showing off the uni cub and then Asimo the robot came out. The Uni Cub is a motorized unicycle that you move by shifting your weight on the seat. Watching Asimo’s stunted and uncanny movement was both hilarious and horrifying. It ran, hopped on one foot and moved it’s fingers. Then Asimo through up the horns and people got in line to take a picture with it. My niece didn’t want to so I did and now we’re best friends and I have an in for the inevitable robot uprising. Real quick for the record, I’m anti robot but pro cyborg. I fully expect a robot uprising to happen and if it doesn’t I can die happy knowing that they didn’t beat me. However I would 100% cut my own arm off to get it replaced with a cybernetic arm.

After Aoyama we went to Shibuya because that’s where we were meeting everyone else for dinner. My niece was tired so we didn’t do anything in Shibuya. Dinner was noodles (soba I think) with bonito flakes and cabbage.


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Today’s candy I don’t have a name for. I looked it up and the Hiragana translates to sweet corn but the google translate of the store page says “Baked Sweet Potato Thunder”. I saw the corn on the package and decided to try it. It’s a puffed rice, or corn in I guess, candy bar coated in chocolate. The combination of corn and chocolate is strange, but maybe a good strange? There’s a bit of an after taste. I don’t like it.

My step tracker says I walked 10 miles today, no wonder I’m exhausted.


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