Adventures in Japan Day 5: Heading West

Today we finished our westward trek to Kyoto.

After breakfast we left the Hotel heading towards Kyoto for the final part of the trip. First stop was taking a cable car up a mountain. On top of the mountain was a shrine, but I don’t think it was in use anymore. While we were up there the clouds started gathering around us.

Down the mountain there is a little shopping center where I found what I was looking for. I found a Cho Chabudai Gaeshi arcade cabinet (technically the “sequel” cabinet). For those who don’t know, a Chabudai is a Japanese short legged table and Chabudai Gaeshi translates to flipping the table. In Cho Chabudai Gaeshi you slam the table and flip it to rack up as much damage as you can.

For lunch we stopped by a bakery and my niece had her first custard bun, shaped like a seal. After lunch we took a boat across the lake. Then our last stop in Hakone was Odawara Castle. There was a ninja museum there but we didn’t find it until late but we did go to the (underwhelming) samurai museum. They also had caged monkeys.

After the castle was the bullet train to Kyoto. After we arrived in Kyoto we walked to the hotel which was only a block away and for dinner they gave us 1000 yen so we could get whatever. My group ended up going to a food court in Kyoto Tower. I had a chicken and rice bowl and a custard crepe.

Today’s candy is Lifeguard soft candy. It’s a soft, chewy candy. It has the texture of gum when you’re chewing it but it doesn’t hold together, like a soft taffy. It has a familiar taste that I can’t place, the wrapper looks like it has a bottle of Mountain Dew on it so maybe that’s the flavor? I haven’t had Mountain Dew in years, Dr. Pepper is my gaming soda of choice.


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