Nerd Music Meltdown #33: Amanda Lepre of Descendants of Erdrick

On the road to Warriors of Light, we have on the Nerd Music Meltdown the frontlady and founder of Austin-based video game band Descendants of Erdrick, and guitarist in Andrew WK’s touring band. That’s right, we have Amanda Lepre on the show!

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Amanda and Kent nerd out for Super Nintendo games for a bit, and then discuss how Descendants of Erdrick came to be, the different incarnations of the band, and what to expect from their upcoming album, Mythology. Plus, how did Amanda become a part of Andrew WK? That is an amazing story that also includes the late Rustin Luther of Urizen.

You can find out more about Amanda Lepre at amandalepre.com and and Descendants of Erdrick at descendantsoferdrick.com. Descendants of Erdrick will be performing at Warriors of Light in Orlando, Florida on November 9th, 2019. Get your tickets at ongakuoverdrive.com. Want to get these episodes sooner? Subscribe at patreon.com/ongakuoverdrive.

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Kent Ward is the founder of Ongaku Overdrive and Propeller Anime, the host of Nerd Music Meltdown, and has staffed for conventions such as CEO Gaming, Anime Festival Orlando, and Mega Con.

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