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Strikeforce #1



Strikeforce #1

Written by:  Tini Howard

Art by: German Peralta

Cover Art by: Andrea Sorrentino

Marvel Comics




From the dark minds of rising stars Tini Howard and Germán Peralta comes a tale of the underside of the Marvel Universe! A new threat is secretly taking over the planet — and the more people who know about it, the more powerful the threat becomes. Blade dealt with this threat once before, and hoped to never have to again. He can’t bring the Avengers in on this — not just for their own safety, but for the safety of everyone on Earth. So he must recruit a team of heroes accustomed to darkness — a strikeforce. Blade, Angela, Spider-Woman, Wiccan, the Winter Soldier, Monica Rambeau and Daimon Hellstrom join forces to fight the fights that no other Marvel team can take on!

Who are you going to call when the latest threat to mankind is a force so dark and menacing that The Avengers can’t even be told about it? Strikeforce – a team of some of the more grim Marvel favorites, lead by none other than Blade himself!

I love the team line up. Even if you’ve never really followed these guys, you’re sure to know about them, and they deserve the attention. My biggest complaint, however, is that issue one is largely spent introducing every one and working out there performance as a team. This comes across a bit as a  one liner contest, each character sniping off against the others, but having little actual interaction. This isn’t helped by the ease of which our story advances. Blade knows everything they need to do, and they do it. It’s a bit simple, but let’s hope things get more involved as the series progresses.

The villains are fun though, and the possibilities for action are nearly endless. Shapeshifters that can be almost any one? I’m sure we’ll see some fun match ups there! While I’m not sure the Director’s Cut is really worth the few extra bucks, it’s really just a look into the process and features very little new content, the main line comic is totally worth the cover price.


Strikeforce #1


Blade Assembles a Team of Fan Favorites to Fight a For Too Dark for the Avengers

It's nice to see lesser known heroes getting more attention, and I'm thrilled by the idea that this foe is too insidious for the first string guys to face, I just hope the writing tightens up in the future.


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