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BLOODSHOT #1 Scales the September Sales Chart


It’s an amazing time to be a Bloodshot fan, isn’t it?

As the thrilling trailer for Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot introduces the world to the stellar superhero, Valiant Entertainment is incredibly proud to announce that BLOODSHOT #1 made the top 40 comics in September! The action-packed debut issue earned the 38th spot and is the only comic from a non-premier publisher to make the top 50 sales in September.

This achievement would not have been possible without Valiant’s phenomenal retailer partners, the incredibly passionate Valiant fans, coverage from the hardworking comics press, and, of course, the brilliant creators behind BLOODSHOT #1: Writer Tim Seeley, artist Brett Booth, colorist Andrew Dalhouse, inker Adelso Corona, letterer Dave Sharpe, and cover artists Declan Shalvey, Dave Johnson, Hannah Templer, Jonboy Meyers, and Tim Sale with Brennan Wagner. None of this would be possible without the supersoldier’s spectacular co-creators: Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton.

The explosive BLOODSHOT #2 goes on sale October 30th.

Bloodshot is a nanite-fueled supersoldier forever at war. What happens to the world when he starts picking his own battles?

Will this one-man army be able to end the fighting—or just leave more destruction in his wake?

Bloodshot’s missions have made waves, as now the shadowy BLACK BAR has their sights set on him—but what do they have planned for this unkillable hero?




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