Christmas Town OPENING NIGHT at Busch Gardens Tampa! 10-item Sampler of Delights & Snoap!

Join us for the opening night of the popular and beautiful Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay! They really do an excellent job at this event of creating a glistening wonderland, the entire park is glowing with spirit, and the Christmas Town food festival is AMAZING!!! We got a 10-item sampler lanyard between two people and FEASTED on delights like hot apple cider, beer cheese soup and more! We also had some fun in the SNOAP – that’s snow made out of soap, the only kind we get in Florida! We also get a sneak peek at Iron Gwazi being constructed rising into the sky!! It looks awesome and we’re so excited for it to open in 2020! Which food item of the things we tried looked and sounded the best to you?





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