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He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #1



He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #1

Written by: Tim Seeley

Art by: Dan Fraga and Richard Friend

DC Comics



The scourge of Anti-Eternia is unleashed on the Multiverse! Blazing a trail across the dimensions, he’s devastating each version of Eternia and stealing its power. Now it’s up to a ragtag team of surviving He-Men to recruit the one man in existence who might save them: Prince Keldor, the man who would be Skeletor! This all-new miniseries features the most iconic eras and beloved takes on the Masters of the Universe!


This was a really interesting and fun first issue of what is planned to be a six part miniseries. An evil version of He-Man from Anti-Eternia is jumping across “The Masters of the Universe” multiverse and killing each universe’s He-Man and stealing the power of their Castle Grayskull to add to his power of Hellskull. A team of He-Men from different universes attempt to find a way to stop this Anti He-Man from taking control of the entire multiverse by unlocking the secrets of the Power Prime. Unlocking this power would make him a godlike entity who could plunge all of reality into darkness.

As of this first issue, this He-Man team has just two members. One of the members is the Dolph Lundgren He-Man from the 1987 live action “Masters of the Universe” film! The team comes to the conclusion that their best bet to defeat Anti He-Man is to go to his world and recruit Prince Keldor, that universe’s version of Skeletor. Their logic is that in every other universe the good He-Man always defeats the evil Skeletor so the opposite must be true in Anti-Eternia where the good Skeletor, Prince Keldor, must be the one who can defeat the evil He-Man.

The art for this issue is very well done with the high quality being consistent throughout. The story is also well written. The tone is serious and dark enough to be enjoyed by older readers while still having enough of the fun, fantastical, and silly elements to be enjoyed by kids as well. You can tell that this series is meant to be a love letter to the long running franchise as it contains elements and references from the different iterations of “He-Man” that have been made over the years. I had a great time reading this issue. I intend to pick up the whole series when the trade paperback for it is released.

If you have never gotten into “The Masters of the Universe” before now, this should still be a fun series for you to read. Though, I do recommend reading up on the franchise’s lore first before starting it. For the fans, I feel based on this first issue that this series will be a must pick up to add to your collection. He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #2 goes on sale December 18th.




He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #1

A love letter to the long running "Masters of the Universe" franchise that is sure to please new and long time fans alike.


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