IAPPA 2019 MY FIRST TIME! New Coasters, Animatronics, Robots, First Cruise Ship Coaster & More!

IAPPA 2019 MY FIRST TIME! New Coasters, Animatronics, Robots, First Cruise Ship Coaster & More!

Join me for my first visit to the IAPPA Attractions Expo where we get a glimpse into the attractions and themed entertainment industry, meet manufacturers, designers and artists, and of course, get blasted with ice air, climb on rides and talk to robots! This is the coolest event of the year for fans (or the curious) of themed entertainment, roller coasters, dark rides, animatronics and more! Here is a list of the vendors we visited, in chronological order:
Premier Rides (Ice Breaker)
Maurer Rides (Bolt)
B&M (Orion)
RMC (Iron Gwazi)
Characters Unlimited
Intamin (Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Motorbike)
Zamperla (Nebulaz)
Doppelmayr (D-Line)
Engineered Arts / UK Department for International Trade
Danken Inc
Dragonfly Flame System
Sally Dark Rides (Garfield, Jon and Odie animatronics)
(I have tried to be correct & thorough as possible. If I missed anything or if you have corrections, please let me know in the comments or by email to superenthused@gmail.com – thank you!)

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