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Cosplayer of the week: Daniel Matarazzo

Leo nocedo :How did you discover cosplaying?
Daniel Matarazzo :In the 1980s Marvel had a series called secret wars where spider man, my favorite super hero got a black costume, that was the first time I had the urge to play dress up!Lol
Leo nocedo : What was your first cosplay?
Daniel Matarazzo :Black spider man was the first cosplay I made no fancy materials back then.
Leo nocedo : What are your next 3 cosplay plans?
Daniel Matarazzo : Because of the new escaperoom business weekends are always busy, but I have a traditional Richard Rider Nova planned, and maybe a vintage Iron man.
Leo nocedo : Daniel Have you ever been in a cosplay contest?
Daniel Matarazzo : Yes, but I enjoy the crow on the floor wanting to take my picture more.
Leo nocedo : Do you prefer sewing, armor making, or wig working?
Daniel Matarazzo :Done everything except wig, which I might start as im losing my hair, 😁 but building armor is my favorite
Leo nocedo : Do you prefer to do photoshoots at cons or at specific locations?
Daniel Matarazzo : I preferred fans to take pictures there’s nothing like a kid wanting a pic of you
Leo nocedo : Is there a type of character you cosplay frequently?
Daniel Matarazzo : Nova was how I got back into cosplay to introduce my daughters to the cosplay world, as long as the people welcome him, I’ll keep doing him, and if course old man Logan is always a blast.
Leo nocedo : Do you have any favorite cosplayers?
Daniel Matarazzo : Professionally, YaYa Han she always makes time to talk, locally? I have one too many that I gladly call friends.
Leo nocedo : What’s the most detailed cosplay you’ve ever done?
Daniel Matarazzo : Probably Hanso from Over watch
Leo nocedo : What are your top 3 craftsmanship tips?
Daniel Matarazzo : Always use a heat gun on foam, you can get away with cheap paint but never cheap primer. If you’re going to use hot glue make sure you get a professional gun.
Leo nocedo : What is your favorite cosplay you’ve done?
Daniel Matarazzo : That’s a tough one as I’ve done a lot for my girls, but old man Logan is a lot of fun to do
Leo nocedo : What is your worst cosplay “horror” story?
Daniel Matarazzo : I’ve double check everything I build, so, no horror stories.
Leo nocedo : What’s your funniest cosplay story?
Daniel Matarazzo : Someone once thought I was Iron man… come to think of it, that’s wasn’t funny😁
Leo nocedo : What’s the best in-character interaction you’ve ever had?
Daniel Matarazzo : I once did old Han Solo, I saw a cosplayer doing Ren, I yelled “son”! He turned around and started saying the lines from the movie, that was cool!
Leo nocedo : Have you ever cosplayed with a family member?
Daniel Matarazzo : I made a BB8 dress for the wife and I did Han Solo
Leo nocedo : What is your favorite cosplay photo of yourself?
Daniel Matarazzo : Love my Santa Claws, that was my holiday version of old man Logan
Leo nocedo : What are your go-to stores for cosplay materials/full cosplays?
Daniel Matarazzo : Walmart, Harbor freight, Home depot I do not like to buy cosplays, that’s just me.
Leo nocedo : Do you prefer to buy pre-styled wigs or style your own?
Daniel Matarazzo : No wigs, but I’m thinking of doing something for Logan, growing the facial hairs takes a lot.
Leo nocedo :Have you ever had someone mistake you for a differentcharacter?
Daniel Matarazzo : Yes by those who are not marvel fans
Leo nocedo : List all the cosplays you’ve done.
Daniel Matarazzo : Black Spiderman, Pinhead from Hellraiser, Judge Dred, Beatle juice, Beatle juice, B, oops sorry, Jack Sparrow, Nova Prime, Old man Logan, Han Solo, and a few character from Overwatch
Leo nocedo : What’s the biggest con you’ve cosplayed at ?
Daniel Matarazzo : Megacon.
Leo nocedo : Do you prefer cosplaying characters with props, or characters that you don’t need to carry a prop around all day ?
Daniel Matarazzo :You have to have props, it will set you apart every time.
Leo nocedo : Have you ever lost a cosplay piece at a con?
Daniel Matarazzo : Never.
Leo nocedo : Have you ever bought a cosplay piece at a con?
Daniel Matarazzo : Never, I pride on making my own stuff
Leo nocedo : Do you prefer to cosplay solo or in a group?
Daniel Matarazzo : Most of the time I’m solo, but I do cons to see my friends so technically I’m never solo.
Leo nocedo : If you had a chance to meet your all-time favorite cosplayer, what would you say to them?
Daniel Matarazzo : I have, but my conversations are always casual.
Leo nocedo : Have you ever done a cosplay panel?
Daniel Matarazzo : Nope, never cared to.
Leo nocedo : Do you prefer to buy or make cosplays?
Daniel Matarazzo : If I can’t make it, I don’t wear it, I did buy Han solo’s jacket.
Leo nocedo : If you could tell your past self anything about cosplay, what would you say?
Daniel Matarazzo : Ignore the politics, and never tell anyone, myself included to enter a contest
Leo nocedo : What is your ultimate dream cosplay?
Daniel Matarazzo : Unlike younger cosplayers, I do not think about dream cosplay, to me is about fun.
Leo nocedo : What’s the most difficult cosplay you’ve ever done? (Craftsmanship, wearing of, ect)
Daniel Matarazzo : Nova’s armor, it’s actually fiber glass with eva on top, all individual pieces
Leo nocedo : What’s the most difficult character makeup you’ve done?
Daniel Matarazzo : Pinhead, the cube took me 3 days to make, the make up 6hrs to put on, didn’t wear a mask. All the nails were attached to silicon strips once at a time then glued to the face.
Leo nocedo : What, in your opinion, makes a cosplayer a “pro” cosplayer?
Daniel Matarazzo : This one goes against most people’s ideas of cosplay, but if you do not make what you wear, then you’re not a professional, you’re just a model
Leo nocedo : What is your favorite part of cosplaying?
Daniel Matarazzo : Kids wanting to take pictures with me

Leo nocedo : Make up your own question!

Daniel Matarazzo : Why tell people about cosplay, if you’re introverted this will help


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