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Attention Comic Creators! Alterna Printing Partnership Is Back!

Affordable NEWSPRINT Comic Book Printing with Alterna’s PRINTING PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

Visit for full details.

*****Who is this program for?*****
*Small press indie creators.
*Publishers that would like to offer convention exclusives.
*Creators who want to print at least 500 copies of their comic.
*Projects that are shipping within the United States. ​

*****Who is this program not for?*****
*Creators that are looking for distribution and publishing (this is strictly a printing program — Alterna insignia will not be placed on your comics, nor will we sell, publish, edit, or distribute your comic).
*Publishers/creators that have distribution and specific and exact deadlines that need to be met.
*Projects that are shipping outside the United States. Due to many logistical hurdles, we unfortunately can’t offer this program for books that would have to be shipped outside the US.




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