Cosplayer Interview

Cosplayer of the week : Kyle Coppa-Cross AKA Space Coast Superman

Leo Nocedo : How did you discover cosplaying?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   I learned about it when I was in high school but considered it another form of acting, like theater, film, etc.
Leo Nocedo : What was your first cosplay?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :     “Superman” from Man of Steel
Leo Nocedo : What are your next 3 cosplay plans?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :    I don’t have any real plans. I only intend to maintain what I have. But I was interested in Mr. Fantastic, a Jurassic Park worker, or Prince Zuko from Avatar the last Airbender (Cartoon version)
Leo Nocedo : Have you ever been in a cosplay contest?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :    Yes, and I won a few.
Leo Nocedo : Do you prefer sewing, armor making, or wig working?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   I would love armor making.
Leo Nocedo : Do you prefer to do photoshoots at cons or at specific locations?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   I’d prefer specific locations. I think it’s more in character and gives a better image.
Leo Nocedo : Is there a type of character you cosplay frequently?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :  Superman is my most frequent character.
Leo Nocedo : Do you have any favorite cosplayers?
Kyle Coppa-Cross : Superman.
Leo Nocedo : What’s the most detailed cosplay you’ve ever done?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   My most detailed cosplay was Stryker from Mortal Kombat. He had so many parts to the costume.
Leo Nocedo : What is your favorite cosplay you’ve done?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   I would say I the red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger is my favorite.
Leo Nocedo : What is your worst cosplay “horror” story?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   My Ant-Man costume broke during an outdoor convention. The heat had melted the parts of the costume while I was wearing it.
Leo Nocedo : What’s your funniest cosplay story?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :  During a YouTube filming shoot of a Suicide Squad parody, I had a blast cracking jokes with the other cast members, improvising almost every line, and just generally having a good time as Rick Flag.
Leo Nocedo : What’s the best in-character interaction you’ve ever had?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   The best interaction I’ve ever had was as Superman. A young boy ran up and tugged on my cape. I knelt down and we started talking. He was telling me about his day and was so excited to be at the event.
Leo Nocedo : Have you ever cosplayed with a family member?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :    No
Leo Nocedo : What is your favorite cosplay photo of yourself?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   My favorite photo is of the Red Ranger and Blade fighting two Nurses from Resident Evil.
Leo Nocedo : What are your go-to stores for cosplay materials/full cosplays?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :  Amazon
Leo Nocedo : Do you prefer to buy pre-styled wigs or style your own?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   Because I’m not good with wings, I’d probably buy pre-styled wigs.
Leo Nocedo : Have you ever had someone mistake you for a different character?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   Yes. During an Avengers event, I, as Hawkeye, was called Green Arrow, Arrow Guy, and a few people didn’t even know who I was. Lol.
Leo Nocedo : List all the cosplays you’ve done.
Kyle Coppa-Cross :  Superman, Red Power Ranger, Prince Eric (Little Mermaid), Luigi, Cyclops, The Dread Pirate Roberts, Bones McCoy from Star Trek, The 10th Doctor of Doctor Who, Stryker of Mortal Kombat, a knight, Nightwing, A pirate, Rick Flag (Suicide Squad), Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Symbiote Suit Spider-Man, SWAT officer, a jedi, Ace Ventura, and the Wolfman.
Leo Nocedo : What’s the biggest con you’ve cosplayed at?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   Megacon Orlando.
Leo Nocedo : Do you prefer cosplaying characters with props, or characters that you don’t need to carry a prop around all day?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   I like traveling light, so no props.
Leo Nocedo : Have you ever lost a cosplay piece at a con?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   No
Leo Nocedo : Have you ever bought a cosplay piece at a con?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :    No
Leo Nocedo : Do you prefer to cosplay solo or in a group?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :  I always prefer to cosplay in a group.
Leo Nocedo : If you had a chance to meet your all-time favorite cosplayer, what would you say to them?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   I’d ask them about their day and say it’s a pleasure to meet you.
Leo Nocedo : Have you ever done a cosplay panel?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   Yes, a few.
Leo Nocedo : Do you prefer to buy or make cosplays?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   I’ve bought cosplays and modified them. I prefer to make cosplays.
Leo Nocedo : If you could tell your past self anything about cosplay, what would you say?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   I’d tell him tips on saving money and not getting certain stuff.
Leo Nocedo : What is your ultimate dream cosplay?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :    Mega-Man
Leo Nocedo : What’s the most difficult cosplay you’ve ever done? (Craftsmanship, wearing of, ect)
Kyle Coppa-Cross : wearing the red ranger is the most difficult because that helmet restricts my sight
Leo Nocedo : What’s the most difficult character makeup you’ve done?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :   Haven’t done makeup.
Leo Nocedo : What, in your opinion, makes a cosplayer a “pro” cosplayer?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :  I think what makes someone a pro is how they treat their fans, how they present themselves, and how they interact with situations. You could have a thousand dollar costume but if you’re winning about the weight and being short with fans that talk to you I don’t consider you a professional. How you present yourself is everything.
Leo Nocedo : What is your favorite part of cosplaying?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :  My favorite part of cosplay is interacting with children and fans during special needs events and other charity events. Making a child smile is what it’s all about.
Leo Nocedo : Make up your own question! What was something you always wanted to do that was cosplay related?
Kyle Coppa-Cross :  I always wanted to create a feature film that was about superheroes, staring cosplayers from multiple companies, like Doctor Who, Disney princesses, DC, Marvel, etc. They would all exist in one world and end up working together to stop a common threat. I had written an awesome script for a 12 episode series with a season 2 first episode ready, but it barely got off the ground. So oh well.


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