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Cosplayer Of The Week: Joseph Vavrik

Leo Nocedo : How did you discover cosplaying?
Joseph Vavrik : I am an Ex Wrestler…I’ve kind of always Cosplayed. I loved having OC’s and different Costumes. 

Leo Nocedo :What was your first cosplay?
Joseph Vavrik : Joker

Leo Nocedo : What are your next 3 cosplay plans?
Joseph Vavrik : King Tut (Batman 660), Emperor Penguin and Bray Wyatt The Fiend

Leo Nocedo :Have you ever been in a cosplay contest?
Joseph Vavrik : Yes Clearwater Comic Con 2018

Leo Nocedo :Do you prefer sewing, armor making, or wig working?
Joseph Vavrik : I would love to learn how to do Armor Making. I don’t usually wear Wigs and Heidi helps with the Sewing. 

Leo Nocedo : Do you prefer to do photoshoots at cons or at specific locations?
Joseph Vavrik : Specific Locations. That way you can bring the characters to life a bit more.

Leo Nocedo : Is there a type of character you cosplay frequently?
Joseph Vavrik : The Penguin Oswald Cobblepot

Leo Nocedo : Do you have any favorite cosplayers?
Joseph Vavrik : Mark Knight Rises, The Bat Family

Leo Nocedo : What’s the most detailed cosplay you’ve ever done?
Joseph Vavrik : Penguin

Leo Nocedo : What are your top 3 craftsmanship tips?
Joseph Vavrik : 1. Research Character 2. Be willing to alter it to fit you and your likes 3. Be willing to try different techniques.

Leo Nocedo : What is your favorite cosplay you’ve done?
Joseph Vavrik : The Penguin.

Leo Nocedo : What is your worst cosplay “horror” story?
Joseph Vavrik : I’ve had some sad Friendship fallouts but you just realize some people just don’t click and that’s OK.

Leo Nocedo : What’s your funniest cosplay story?
Joseph Vavrik : Torturing Carnevil of Fun or Ridewavez Cosplay with Rubber Ducks when they fall asleep. I think we almost had 30 on Joker during Central Florida Comic Con.

Leo Nocedo :What’s the best in-character interaction you’ve ever had?
Joseph Vavrik : Meeting Kevin Conroy and Robin Lord Taylor. We were actually tweeted by Kevin Conroy!

Leo Nocedo :Have you ever cosplayed with a family member?
Joseph Vavrik : Yes, My wife.

Leo Nocedo : What is your favorite cosplay photo of yourself?
Joseph Vavrik : The one by Lawrence Munne with the Mayor Poster Edit.

Leo Nocedo :What are your go-to stores for cosplay materials/full cosplays?
Joseph Vavrik : Michael’s, Spirit Halloween, Wall Street in Sarasota Square Mall, and Chapelle Hats in Disney Springs.

Leo Nocedo :Do you prefer to buy pre-styled wigs or style your own?
Joseph Vavrik : Don’t really wear but would probably get Pre Styled for Bray Wyatt.

Leo Nocedo :Have you ever had someone mistake you for a different character?
Joseph Vavrik : Yup Many times! “The Monopoly Guy” “The Magician” to list a couple.

Leo Nocedo : List all the cosplays you’ve done.
Joseph Vavrik : Joker, Crowley, Penguin, Negan, The Original Bray Wyatt, Animated Series Harvey Bullock, Phantom of Opera Joker, Vacation Joker, Scarecrow and from Wrestling Mr. Louziffer (OC), Mr. J Scallini (OC)

Leo Nocedo : What’s the biggest con you’ve cosplayed at?
Joseph Vavrik : Megacon

Leo Nocedo : Do you prefer cosplaying characters with props, or characters that you don’t need to carry a prop around all day?
Joseph Vavrik : I like props because there is so much you can do with them for poses and interactions.

Leo Nocedo :Have you ever lost a cosplay piece at a con?
Joseph Vavrik : Not yet.

Leo Nocedo :Have you ever bought a cosplay piece at a con?
Joseph Vavrik : Yes, Love to support Artist!

Leo Nocedo :Do you prefer to cosplay solo or in a group? Group!
Joseph Vavrik : Either or is fine but love my Family.

Leo Nocedo :If you had a chance to meet your all-time favorite cosplayer, what would you say to them?
Joseph Vavrik : I’ve met them but I always ask if we can do a photo together, and Mark Knight Rises actually helped me when I was ready to give up a couple years ago.

Leo Nocedo : Have you ever done a cosplay panel?
Joseph Vavrik : Yes, a few as a group! Or I was a guest in one with other Cosplayers.

Leo Nocedo : Do you prefer to buy or make cosplays?
Joseph Vavrik : I would love to make them but I have to earn those skill points so Buy at the moment. 

Leo Nocedo : If you could tell your past self anything about cosplay, what would you say?
Joseph Vavrik : Don’t give up. You may have moments where people see you as a Monster. However, you find for that one person there were many who said you made a difference or they look forward til the next Convention you are at.

Leo Nocedo :What is your ultimate dream cosplay?
Joseph Vavrik : Rhino (Spiderman-Sinister Six)

Leo Nocedo : What’s the most difficult cosplay you’ve ever done? (Craftsmanship, wearing of, ect)
Joseph Vavrik :  Scarecrow gets very hot, Wife did a lot of the Burlap work.

Leo Nocedo : What’s the most difficult character makeup you’ve done?
Joseph Vavrik : Emperor Penguin

Leo Nocedo :What, in your opinion, makes a cosplayer a “pro” cosplayer?
Joseph Vavrik : Humility and being able to relate to everyone you meet. Remembering you once started at the bottom as well.

Leo Nocedo : What is your favorite part of cosplaying?
Joseph Vavrik :   Entertaining. Making kids smile and Adults laugh.

Joseph Vavrik : Why do I play Penguin so much?
Joseph Vavrik :   Because I associate with that character and philosophies. I love how he brings Class and Culture to a little bit of chaos.



Leo Nocedo is a cosplay photographer who has been using a camera for the last forty years in many forms , in the military and professional studios in Miami and New York city . He got his start in cosplay photography attending conventions with his brother Juan Nocedo . He keeps on doing what he does to honor his late brother .

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