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SASQUATCH IN LOVE #1 Hits ComiXology This Wednesday!

Are you looking for a touching love story, a couple of highfalutin literary references, and some serious Bigfoot action? We’ve got you covered.

A mash-up of The Odd Couple, Beauty and the Beast and Northern Exposure, SASQUATCH IN LOVE is aimed at readers of quirky indies such as Lumberjanes, The Li’l Depressed Boy and Giant Days.

SASQUATCH IN LOVE centers on Holden, who is well-read, caring, single, and the world’s last Sasquatch. He’s living quietly in the wilderness surrounding the remote town of Cooper’s Pines, Oregon. Far from being a knuckle-dragging, monosyllabic brute, Holden is bright, articulate, considerate… and terribly lonely. A heartfelt story about longing, belonging and the mistakes we make in the name of love, readers are sure to enjoy this classic tale of a boy, a girl…and a Sasquatch.

Creator/writer Jason Nutt, when asked what he wants the reader to get out of his series, said: “I’d like the reader to be reminded that no matter how it seems on the outside, we’re all just trying to find some measure of happiness in life. It’s a good message for our troubled times. I’d also like them to gain a healthy respect for the mating habits of the Pacific Northwest Sasquatch.”

Artist Alexis Vivallo added: “I want that the readers have a very good time with these characters and their adventures, and maybe go find a Sasquatch as a friend — it’s not as bad has it sounds.”

Jason discussed the book further: “Sometimes I get the sneaking suspicion that everyone is secretly thirteen years old on the inside — those anxieties and stirrings you feel at that age never go away. In writing this book, I tried to channel that vibe into a JD Salinger-obsessed, seven-foot-tall Sasquatch dealing with his first romantic crush. What this says about me, I’m not sure I want to know.”

And Alexis added the heartfelt words: “Stay safe, stay strong! Always!”

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