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Empyre: Captain America #1

Empyre: Captain America #1

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Ariel Olivetti

Cover Art by Mike Henderson

Marvel Comics


 The invasion has made landfall! Captain America stands on the front lines – but when the threat goes global even he won’t be enough to stem the tides! Will Captain America be able to find allies willing to fight alongside him – or will he fall in the face of this intergalactic incursion?

 The greater Empyre story still hasn’t progressed much, moving ahead a few pages at a time spread over as many books as possible, but at least Captain America packs his usual fun and wit into his issue. There’s a few ridiculous plot points, but most of the book is just as action packed and entertaining as a comic book should be. Overlook those few silly bits, and you’re in for a fine ride, exactly what Cap is known best for.

 As glacial as the story’s pace is, what little tidbits are revealed of it take on extra importance to each issue. Captain America lucks as in that regard, as his revelations are unexpected and interesting. Of course, the fight goes well for Cap, so the major conflict is the issue is his feelings over his orders, which is nothing new to the franchise. That may be a weak point in the story, but it sets the stage for even more butt-kicking, so the pay off on the action side is worth it.

 Honestly, you can probably skip this title in terms of the greater story, but it’s fun and refreshing. I’ve been reading about this exact same fight for over a month now, and any title that can cover that and still be enjoyable is worthy of note. And as always, this intro serves to set up a much larger fight in issues to come, and that promises to be can’t miss stuff.




At Least Cap is Always Fun..

Yet another angle of the struggle to save Earth from salad people, but if Captain America can't add much to the story, at least he can entertain the heck out of us while he does it.


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