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Snake Claws in The 13 Carriages of Death (Book 1)

Snake Claws in The 13 Carriages of Death (Book 1)

Written and Illustrated by Edison Neo


After discovering the power of the Forbidden Arts, Snake Claws, a ruthless and powerful martial artist, massacres and abandons the rigid Scorpion Sect, hungry for even more power and abilities.

On his journey in search for the Forbidden Manual, he encounters a survivor from the massacre who is intent on revenge.

I’d like to be clear right from the start – I enjoyed this. But the setting and the story are both so limiting that there’s just not much else to say, good or bad. The entire issue takes place at one time, over the course of maybe half an hour. There’s some chatter and the character’s spill some exposition, but overall, it’s all about the action.

The writing may be limited, but it’s skillfully done. The dialog is straight out of your favorite kung fu franchise, delightfully cheesy and over the top. The art doesn’t quite hold up to the talent of the writing, but it’s not a bad effort at all. Everything is a bit flat, but that seems to be part of the simplistic style. The character design is nice, and the anatomy only falters for chosen effects. I would like a bit more detail in… well, everything, but it’s still a solid effort.

My only problem with The 13 Carriages of Death is how brief it is. It’s all fight, and it’s over too fast. It’s a very limited story, so it’s hard to be invested for more. I’d happily read book two, but I’m not slavering for it. I barely know the characters names, let alone their motivations or goals. There’s plenty of room for that in the future, of course, and the action alone is worth the read, but book one’s biggest drawback is its failure to entice.



Great Kung Fu Action! But Little Story

Enjoyable, but the entire book covers one fight in one scene, so there's not much else to say. The fighting action is cool and the dialog is 100% kung fu cheese, so it's perfect for fans of that kind of thing.


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