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Image Comics is pleased to reveal an electric new video trailer to get fans excited about the upcoming new series launch Home Sick Pilots by Dan Watters (Coffin Bound, Lucifer) and Caspar Wijngaard (Star Wars, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt).

This highly anticipated upcoming horror series is best described as The Haunting of Hill House meets Paper Girls and promises a fresh, day-glo drenched story of terror for readers this December.

In the summer of 1994, a haunted house walks across California. Inside is Ami, lead singer of a high school punk band—who’s been missing for weeks. How did she get there, and what do these ghosts want? Expect three-chord songs and big bloody action in the forthcoming Home Sick Pilots.

Home Sick Pilots #1 (Diamond Code OCT200017) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, December 9.
Home Sick Pilots #1 will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play.

Early praise for Home Sick Pilots:

“It really is The Shining meets Power Rangers, in a wonderful, creepy way.” —Kieron Gillen

“First issue drags you in and it all looks like a neon nightmare, in a good way. Recommend.” —Rob Williams

“One of the most interesting books to come out in a while, bloody hell, Caspar Wijngaard’s artwork kicks into overdrive. Undoubtedly his best work, and that’s saying something. You must preorder it immediately.” —Declan Shalvey

“Lives up to that hype and so much more—pre-order at your LCS [Local Comic Shop] asap.” —Robbie Thompson

“As mental and as cool as it sounds.” —Christian Ward

“Sleek original horror mixed with 90s teen drama. Excited to read more.” —Curt Pires

“Takes the classic haunted house tale and funnels it through an early 90s SoCal punk kaleidoscope. Unique to the marrow, I think this is the series for those wandering lost after Paper Girls wrapped. Great creepy fun.” —Chris Condon

“A delicious slice of neon-drenched retro 90s spookiness—pre-order it now, or you’ll be forever haunted by your mistake…” —John Harris Dunning

“Wildly imaginative, brilliantly executed comic that’s got style (and surprises) to spare. I fell in love with this comic from the first page, and that love only grew as I raced through the first issue.” —Michael Moreci

“It has the best opening scene of any comic this year! Full of cool ideas and amazing art! Do not sleep on it.” —Monty Nero

“Just wait ‘til you see this folks. Next level stuff from an absolute dream team. I’ve never seen Caspar [Wijngaard] do better stuff, and that’s saying something. A complete delight.” —Fraser Campbell

“An incandescently clever smashing-together of genres. That it feels so organic is testament to the skill of the creators. That it’s also packed with surprises and gasp-out-louds is simply indecent.” —Simon Spurrier

“Earnest, beautiful, and delightfully strange. Home Sick Pilots is everything I want out of a comic book.” —James Tynion IV

“Really enjoyed it!” —Jeff Lemire

“Cool, gorgeous, compelling and creepy, and does not go where you’d expect.” —Kurt Busiek

“Home Sick Pilots is so pure in its originality and creative energy, it brought me back to a taboo childhood of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Hanna Barbera’s The Impossibles, a crackling ghost story of Rock and Roll runaways, and that’s only the beginning. Listen in!” —Steve Orlando



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