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Jinny Hex Special #1

Jinny Hex: Special #1

Written by: Magdalene Visaggio

Illustrated by: Gleb Melnikov

DC Comics



Jinny Hex stars- in her first solo adventure-and she’s ready and raring to go! Bursting out of the pages of Young Justice, this fan-favorite gal is heading back home to take care of some unfinished business! Hoping to take some time off from Multiverse conflict, Jinny reconnects with some old friends and family. But that all goes out the window when a new foe called Three-Eyed Jack transports her town back to the Old West. Now it’s up to Jinny to face off with this super-powered gunslinger and save her town! But Jinny’s about to learn that some threats are closer to her heart than expected.

Jinny Hex, of Young Justice fame, gets her own book, a one-shot following her time away from the Multiverse conflict. She visits her old friends and hopes to relax, but a brand new villain has other plans for her.

If you enjoyed Jinny’s past adventures, you’re likely to have plenty of fun this time out, but there’s a little something missing from this story to really engage new readers. Without giving too much away, there’s really not much conflict here at all. A bad guy shows up, does some super-powered stuff, and then the power of friendship saves the day. Even for a youth-oriented story, it’s a little flat. And it totally fails to let the character shine. Any one only reading this book would be hard pressed to describe Jinny’s character or powers. She has a gun and bad stuff happens to her… that’s not really the stuff of legends.

Thankfully, the art is pretty impressive. It’s a little on the simpler side, favoring colorful characters and design to realistic detail, but I happen to prefer that. DC overdoes the gritty, grim aspect of too many series, so it’s nice to see something a little more lighthearted. And of course, if you liked the look of Young Justice, this isn’t far off. You should dig it, too.

To be honest, I kind of feel the Jinny Hex Special doesn’t do the character justice. Everything is pretty easy for her to overcome, the writing is way on the simplistic side, and all kinds of stuff happens that just doesn’t make much sense. It’s a good thing the art style is so much to my liking. I hope fans keep reading about Jinny in Young Justice, because this special is just as likely to be forgotten about completely in a few months.




Young Justice Fan-favorite Gets Her First Solo Adventure

A quick and easy solo outing for the young heroine. While it's a fine read with great art, it does fail to shine due to simplistic writing and story.


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