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Review: Cyberman: Origins #1

Cyberman: Origins #1

Illustrated by: Nakkase, and Bosko

Written by: Roberto Gonzalez-Wilks

Fox Heart Comics


*Minor spoilers ahead

This 50 page story follows the origin stories of the Fox-Heart original character Cyberman. Who’s family discovered the
mineral known as Cyber Essence, a material in which they learned to recreate that could enhance virtually any piece of
technology or science from machines, to metal to medicine. But Cybermans mother was corrupted by the wealth and
chose to use cyber Essence for weapons of destruction instead of recreational use. And tried to mold her children into
criminals for her empire. Until Cyberman would go on to revolt, having to fight his own mother.

In the vast cosmos of independent comics, there emerges a shining star in the form of “Cyberman: Origins #1,” a bold and ambitious debut from the up-and-coming Fox Heart Comics. Penned by the prodigious talent Roberto Gonzalez-Wilks and brought to life by the artistic work of Nakkase, this inaugural issue sets the stage for an epic sci-fi saga that is pretty good from the first page to the last.

At its core, “Cyberman: Origins #1” is a fun origin story that follows the journey of a young man thrust into a world of advanced technology and cosmic intrigue. Against the backdrop of a futuristic society, we meet our protagonist, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers a mysterious cybernetic suit with unimaginable powers. As he grapples with his newfound abilities and the responsibilities they entail, he embarks on a quest for identity and purpose that will shape the fate of the galaxy itself.

One of the standout elements of this comic is its rich and immersive world-building. For a 17 year old, Gonzalez-Wilks demonstrates a remarkable ability to craft a universe brimming with depth and complexity, seamlessly blending elements of science fiction with timeless themes of heroism, sacrifice, and redemption. From bustling metropolises to distant star systems, each panel is a testament to the boundless imagination of its creator.

Complementing the stellar writing is the splendid artwork by Nakkase, whose zestful illustrations leap off the page with energy and vitality. From some great action sequences to intimate character moments, every detail is rendered with flair, drawing readers deeper into the story with each turn of the page. Likewise, Bosko’s cover art sets the tone for the series with its striking imagery and eye-catching design.

As the flagship title of Fox Heart Comics, “Cyberman: Origins #1” could herald the arrival of a new voice in the world of independent comics. With its compelling narrative, exciting artwork, and boundless potential, this is a comic for fans of science fiction and superhero storytelling alike. Keep an eye on Roberto Gonzalez-Wilks and Fox Heart Comics – they’re destined for greatness.


cyberman origins 1 cover

You can pick up a copy of Cyberman: Origins #1 at your local comic shop or you can order online.


Essence of Innovation: The Rise of Cyberman!

"Cyberman: Origins #1" by Fox Heart Comics introduces Cyberman, whose family's discovery of Cyber Essence—a material that upgrades technology—leads to internal conflict. Cyberman's mother, corrupted by wealth, uses the essence for destructive weapons and criminal empire-building, pushing Cyberman to rebel and confront her.


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