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Linebreakers Becomes a Comic Book Publisher, Announces First Release with Cosmic Adventures

Linebreakers, the largest comic book and hobby shop in the High Desert, is proud to announce that they will begin publishing their own line of comic books as Linebreakers Comics. 


The first series, Cosmic Adventures, will see a release in the first quarter of 2021, with an ashcan preview currently available at Cosmic Adventures is written by Jakob Free, art by Javier Yasir Fajardo, letters by Antonio “Toto” Esposito, with Linebreakers owner David McKean serving as Creative Director and Editor. The series takes a ragtag group of space-faring travelers and puts them in the path of danger with hijinks along the way. 


“They said you can’t,” said Linebreakers Owner David McKean. “They said you probably should not. Don’t listen to bad advice, trust yourself, follow your dreams, f*ck ’em”


Linebreakers goal is to establish a lasting impact on the comic community with a fresh take on comic exclusives and deliver on artistic and original ideas. Our stories will be fun, entertaining and will not bottle feed you our political agenda. The Goal is FUN: we want to make it and share it with everyone. 


The origin issue, Issue #0, went on sale on 1/23/2021 at 5 pm PST at


The largest comic book shop in the High Desert, Linebreakers, is also the longest-running game store in the community. It has been a mainstay in downtown Victorville for years, carrying a variety of products ranging from comic books, graphic novels, action figures, tabletop gaming, and more. At Linebreakers, you can learn a new hobby, create a pull list for your monthly comic book subscriptions, find the perfect pop culture gift, and more.


Linebreakers is open online 24/7 at For more information, call (760) 951-8406.

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