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The World’s First Full Length GLOW IN THE DARK Comic!


On a deep space colony where nuclear war has already damaged the planet, we find Branko Nourbakhsh and his people trying to find their way. His commanding officer Amon decides to slaughter a mining crew who calls for help, stealing resources in order to help their clan survive. Branko opposes Amon but is unable to stop him.

Ten Years later in the City of Argos, Branko is contacted by an old friend. It’s happening again; he must return. But a bounty has been placed on Branko’s head, he has to get past trackers and bounty hunters. Time is running out.

This is inspired by and for fans of:

      • Akira
      •  Mad Max: Fury Road
      • Classic Samurai Cinema such as Seven Samurai and Goyokin
      • Structure and content similar to an episode of the The Mandalorian

    The World’s First Full Length GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Comic

    I’m usually prone to hyperbole, but in this case this is actually a fact! No one has ever tried to create a full length glow-in-the-dark comic before.

    The way night luminous ink creates things that are there, then not there gives insight into an unseen world. This is something I wanted to explore using this incredible printing technique, where the printer will silkscreen the each layer of glow-in-the-dark ink separately on every page. Trying to go beyond just something that looks cool, into something that it used with a storytelling focus.


    There is magic in physical books, an extra magic in one that glows.

    Another reason to use this technique is to share my experience of exploring the interior life of the self through meditation as I truly believe there are unseen forces that affect us, an invisible world which can be revealed in a unique way.

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