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Indie Comic Book Sonya Devereaux Sweeps Critical Blast Awards

Starring Sonya Devereaux, an independent comic book published by AMP, American Mythology Productions, swept all the awards for comic books in Critical Blast’s Best of 2020 Awards. The comic, which follows the hilariously bad B-movies of America’s 306th best actress, the fictional Sonya Devereaux, won in the 3 major categories for comic books:

Best Comic (Starring Sonya Devereaux)
Best Comic Artists (Brendon and Brian Fraim for Starring Sonya Devereaux)
Best Comic Writers (Todd Livingston and Nick Capetanakis for Starring Sonya Devereaux).

The indie comic beat out competitors which included titles from major publishers like DC Comics. This is only the second time readers have voted for the creative team of one book to win all the top prizes in the annual awards held by Critical Blast, a news and review site for entertainment and pop culture.

“She may only be Hollywood’s 306th Best Actress, but today Sonya Devereaux is #1,“ said Livingston upon receiving his winner’s cup. Capetanakis added, “We write our comic to make people laugh, which is ironic because I think I’m going to cry. Tears of joy, of course.”

“We’re beyond excited! Here’s a great big ‘Thank You’ to everyone that voted!” the Fraim brothers said as they were honored for their artwork.

Starring Sonya Devereaux has been building an enthusiastic fanbase since its introduction in 2016 because of its quirky sense of humor, beautiful artwork, and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the sexy actress’s life and the outrageous, ultra low-budget movies she’s in. Movies so bad they’re good like SpiderShark vs SnakeBear and Naked Are the Damned 2 – the comic skewers every genre trope in Hollywood from vampires, to Westerns, to zombies. Followers say it’s like reading a movie. So meta.

Another unique feature of the series is that real life actors including Meredith Salenger, Damion Poitier, WWE’s Katarina Waters, Scott Whyte, Magda Apanowicz, and adult star Caroline Pierce add their likenesses to “co-star” in the movies.

The title’s upcoming issue, Starring Sonya Devereaux: Warrior Woman Death Team 5, is an action-packed sword and sorcery movie about a heroic barbarian queen forced out of retirement to search for a kidnapped princess and re-assembles the mighty, all-female Death Team to combat an evil Lord.  This issue, due in April 2021, features Carlee Baker (Robot Chicken) and Troy Fromin (Ox from Saved By the Bell).

AMP had remarkable success in their first crowdfunding effort for the trade paperback collection of Starring Sonya Devereaux. The IndieGogo campaign reached its funding goal in 24 hours.  A new IndieGogo campaign for Starring Sonya Devereaux: Warrior Woman Death Team 5 runs until February 15, 2021 and reached its funding goal in only six hours. The creators promise great IGG rewards like an exclusive variant cover, an original all-new Sonya story for backers only, and the opportunity to be written & drawn into an issue. Warrior Woman Death Team 5 features the latter reward with a backer appearing at the real pop culture convention WonderFest with Sonya. Brendon Fraim says, “this is not like other campaigns where the backer appears in a panel or two – our backer appears in a full 3 or 4 page scene with Sonya. View the campaign at Starring Sonya Devereaux IGG – The Sequel

If you want to catch up with the Best Comic Book in America, back issues and the trade paperback are still available through your favorite comics retailer or at






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