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Kevin Smith Brings the Golden Calf to Orlando Florida!


So since this was announced three days ago and nobody on this site bothered to jump on it and spread the word, I guess I have to crawl out of my dark grave and not talk about my love for horror, but but my secret love affair with Kevin Smith films. Yes as much as I do love horror I do have a part of me which is reserved for the funny things that come out of Kevin Smiths head. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have classics like Clerks and Mallrats, and so forth.

So maybe his foray into horror wasn’t exactly perfect but he’s Kevin Smith, and in my opinion he can do whatever he wants. I mean, if you were an accomplished actor, author, director, writer, and entrepreneur and worked your ass off half your life to get there you’d probaby do the same, hell, why not?

Really anything he touches turns to gold, and now Kevin Smith brings the Mooby’s Pop-up, his fictional fast food burger joint to Orlando Florida. I think that this is something of epic proportion for this state, even if it is just for a little while and I have to drive four hours to get there. Mooby’s will have a menu for both carnivores and herbivores.

If you want to attend the Mooby’s Pop-Up event click here to purchase your ticket and listen to the audio below as Kevin Smith talks about the Mooby’s Orlando experience. Mooby’s Pop-Up takes place March 12th-21st, 2021.


Mooby’s Pop-Up will be hosted at:

The Tin Roof
8371 International Drive
Orlando, FL



Kevin Smith audio credit: Orlando Weekly




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