Diversification of Interests in Geek Culture

It’s safe to say that geek culture has come a long way from where it was just a couple of years ago. The freaks and geeks are now top dogs, and no one can deny that being a part of one of the best communities ever isn’t a privilege. In the past, being a geek meant being an outsider. The culture was tied to certain activities and likes that weren’t exactly deemed popular in the eyes of the world. With individuality now at the forefront of the geek movement more than ever, the limits put on this group have slowly eroded, making way for geeks to embrace new interests like the ones below.


The notion that geeks aren’t physically fit and have to keep their heads down is one of the worst stereotypes put on this group. Thankfully, that particular stereotype has been proven to be just that. Geeks with an interest in sports are now everywhere we turn. An obvious way this can be seen is through the rise in popularity of sports betting. Online sports betting websites have been seeing a lot more traffic lately and with good reason. By visiting sites like, you’ll find you have a chance to bet on pretty much every game under the sun.

Plenty of geeks that watch sports love showing their support for their team by placing down a bet or two, and with most of these websites offering live streaming, they’re the perfect combo for all sports fans. Additionally, top-class players from multiple sports have deemed themselves, geeks, expressing their love for both sports and traditionally nerdy hobbies like playing video games. Geeks in sports are dominating right now, and there’s no sign of them slowing down anytime soon.


Often conflated with nerd culture, one positive stereotype about geeks has been their affinity for studying. While getting good grades certainly involves lots of reading, the only reading for pleasure most people associate with geeks is reading comic books. Now, we can’t deny that not only do we read comics but we often keep up with other excellent media related to them, yet, that doesn’t mean that geeks can’t bury their heads into a good novel from time to time.

It’s almost ridiculous to think that most people don’t associate geek culture with reading, especially given how many iconic geek staples originate from literature. From the classic Lord of the Rings to trilogy to modern fantasy tales like A Song of Ice and Fire, these fan-favorites all had their start as literature that geeks were more than happy to consume. Of course, fantasy isn’t the only genre this group is into reading. Romance is becoming increasingly popular with this scene, and so is the murder mystery trope. 


Here’s one activity that’s almost impossible to separate from geek culture. Gaming has been a part of geek culture since the very start. From tabletop games like Magic: The Gathering to video game classics like The Witcher, games are an integral part of being considered a geek. While there’s no denying that this activity has been a part of the scene forever, our interest here lies in the development of new and unexpected hobbies related to it.

The shy and reserved persona that people usually conflate with being a geek is being left behind in the dust as professional gamers are flaunting their charisma for the whole world to see. Of course, we’re referring to the rising trend of live streaming! Live streaming platforms like twitch are full of self-proclaimed geeks that have no issue playing things up for the camera and providing an entertaining show. If you’re interested in giving them a watch, you can start by giving these few rising stars a shot!


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