Cosplayer Interview

Cosplayer Group of the Week: Costumers With A Cause

Leo Nocedo: When and where did CWC start ?
CWC : Before Facebook, and Myspace, Two groups of friends in different parts of the country, Orlando and Chicago, got together to bring smiles to children. Each area branded themselves Costumers With A Cause, and it wasn’t until 2 years later that they were introduced to each other, and a national friendship formed the official CWC National.
Leo Nocedo: What is CWC ?
CWC : We are a National 501c3 non-profit children’s charity organization. We bring Superheroes, Princesses, and many other characters to life for Terminally Ill Children, Healthy Children, and their families. We do hospital visits, attend charity events, and perform fundraisers for other children’s charitys and children in need. Thanks to corporate sponsors like the JWL Foundation, Morgan Stanley, and others covering our operating expenses, we are able to donate 100% of all funds we raise at events to the organizations and families we are raising money for, we don’t keep a penny for ourselves. No other charity organization in the world does this.
Leo Nocedo: Where does CWC function ?
CWC : We have 5 active branches in Central Florida, Northeast Florida, Midwest, Eastern Tennessee, and Central Oregon.
Leo Nocedo: Where is CWC located , where would you like to go ?
CWC : We currently have inactive branches in Los Angeles, and New York City. Hopefully those branches can start up again with the right leadership in those areas.
Leo Nocedo: How big is CWC and how many members participate ?
CWC : We have 350 volunteers nationwide, all of our members are volunteers, including our admins, and board of directors.
Leo Nocedo : Who are the members of CWC ?
CWC :  Our members are made up mostly of the cosplay community in each of our branch areas. However, we are not limited to cosplayers. We have several volunteers that help in a support manner, as well as fantastic photographers in each area that donate their time and talents.
Leo Nocedo: What are your goals ?
CWC : To help children’s charities anywhere we can, To help children smile, and to help sick children forget, even for a moment, anything they are going through, and be a child once more, and a hero.
Leo Nocedo: What events would you like to see your group in ?
CWC :   We help so many charities, but we are always ready to help more. Contact us though our email to see if we can be available to help in your area.
Leo Nocedo: What charities do you help?
CWC :   Local Charities in each of our branches. Give Kids the World, Faces of Courage, Make A Wish, Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Dream Fund, and many, many others.
Leo Nocedo: How does one become a member?
CWC :   We coordinate all of our events through facebook, so send a message to the public page at and someone will let you know the branch that serves your area, then send a join request to that branch. Central Florida is



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