Jawbreaker & Interview with Writer/Director, Darren Stein

It’s the first week of May, so that kicks off our MAYbe Horror Month; and our first week begins with Ade’s pick, the titular JAWBREAKER. Yes, that’s right, Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz and Judy Greer’s cult-favorite, inadvertent murder tale that involves a piece of hard candy and a creepy as fuck Marilyn Manson.

We have a special treat for you: interview with writer/director of Jawbreaker, Darren Stein–who is an absolute gem and we would be remiss if we didn’t say we’d love to have him back on the show. We learned about all the fun horror that inspired him, his writing, and how Jawbreaker was actually first written to be a horror film.

He even divulges some of the details of the unmade drafts of the script. Listen in and find out what The Craft, Stanley Kubrick, Manitou, Carrie, Heathers, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Peaches Christ, Natasha Lyonne, Dragula, The Ramones, The Donnas, Brian De Palma and Megan Mullaly all have to do with this movie. Since this film came out in 1999, the soundtrack is nostalgic–per Jake’s admission–and you will never find a mention of social media nor smartphone present to muck up the storyline.

This film is timeless–it’s sick, twisted, culty, fun, and extremely dark. So tell us: what do you think? Is Jawbreaker really a MAYbe horror film? “I killed Liz; I killed the ‘Team Dream.’ Deal with it.” If you ever have feedback or recommendations on future episodes, please let us know at slasherspod@gmail.com.

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