Cosplayer Interview

Cosplay Group of the Week: Ybor City Sirens

Leo Nocedo: What is ybor sirens?

Ybor City Sirens: The Ybor City Sirens is burlesque group with a focus on fetish. We bring positivity to the fetish community and look sexy while performing. Its not all whips and chains but it sure if fun!

Leo Nocedo: When did ybor start?

YCS: The Ybor City Sirens started in 2019. We were performing a show at The Castle in Ybor City. All of us have a nerdy side and the name fit perfectly.

Leo Nocedo: Who is in ybor?

YCS: Our current members are: Madame Maze, Valetina Love, Teddy Mayday, Sith Jade and Goddess MoonChild.

Leo Nocedo: Where does ybor preform?

YCS: We perform mostly at The Castle but are always looking to expand.

Leo Nocedo: How many members are there?

YCS: Currently we have 5 active members and are looking to grow!
Leo Nocedo: Who can join ybor.

YCS: We are looking for models and dancers with a knowledge of the fetish community/performances. Active listeners/followers are needed as communication is key with all things fetish. Basically, listen to Madame Maze and you’ll do fine.

Leo Nocedo: Do you have any events that you perform at?

YCS: Pre-COVID, we would have at least 4 major events at The Castle as well as host the FetCon after parties.

Leo Nocedo: How does one become a member?

YCS: You need to interview with Madame Maze. Demonstrate your fetish capabilities, be able to dance and take a hit. Madame Maze is the Dom of the group, switches are tolerated and subs are always welcome.


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