Cosplayer Interview

Cosplayer Group of the Week: Guardians of Justice

Leo Nocedo: When and where GOJ start ?
Guardians Of Justice: GOJ was founded in early 2014 in Orlando FL. It’s primary goal at the time was and still is to create lasting memories for children and family members who are directly affected by medical diagnoses.
Leo Nocedo: What is GOJ?
GOJ : As one of the first 501 c3 costumed group in Florida our continued focus and function is to partner with local organizations and Notable charities to to “inspire, support, motivate and empower” children and adults alike bringing memories and smiles that may not happen in traditional settings.
Leo Nocedo: Where does GOJ Function ?
GOJ : With over 80 active members we span from Naples to Orlando.
Leo Nocedo: Where is GOJ located , where would you like to go?
GOJ : Our hub is based in the local Orlando area, Florida is our current primary focus. However our goal is to expand and be nationwide.
Leo Nocedo: How big is GOJ and how many members participate ?
GOJ : We are currently 80+ active members strong. At each event we commit to a minimum of 3 members in attendance. Many of our events far exceed 3 members in participation.
Leo Nocedo: Who are the members of GOJ ?
GOJ : Our members are individual local residents of Central Florida with a passion of costuming and a deep-rooted desire to give back to the community.
Leo Nocedo: What are your goals ?
GOJ : Ours is to expand further in Florida and eventually to other states.
Leo Nocedo: What events would you like to see your group in ?
GOJ : would Ronald McDonald’s house or Make a wish events.
Leo Nocedo: What charities do you help? Part of what we do is give back to the charities that we partner with through the year. BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation, Autism Society of Greater Orlando, Nathaniel’s Hope, and Down Syndrome Society of Orlando are just a few.
Leo Nocedo: How does one become a member ?
GOJ : We have an application on our website where anyone can apply.

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