Toys & Interview w/ Richard W. Haines


Maybe it’s a horror movie continues! This week, we are doing Toys, starring the late and great, Robin Williams.

This inexcusably unsettling movie was a 10-year passion project by writer/ director, Barry Levinson (and then wife, Valerie Cutrin). It is inarguably polarizing, because while it was nominated for a Razzie for worst director, it also received Oscar nominations for Art Direction and Costume Design.

Joan Cusack plays robot, Alsatia Zevo, which is oddly similar to Bicentennial Man, also starring Williams. The film also features a pre-Halloween H20 and Deep Blue Sea LL Cool J, who not so subtly wishes to engage in coitus with his cousin-robot.

Post-Princess-Bride, but pre-House-of-Cards Robin Wright plays the love interest with a charming southern drawl. Can she just talk like that all of the time?

Italian designer, Ferdinando Scarfiotti, spent one year working on this film. You know, the Academy Award Winning designer behind The Last Emperor and Scarface.

The music was by Hans Zimmer and Trevor Horn, featuring Tori Amos and Enya.

Jake also sits down with writer/ director, Richard W. Haines. While you may know him from Troma’s Class of Nuke ‘Em High, Haines went on to found his own competing studio: New Wave Film Distribution. His own films include Space Avenger, Head Games, and Splatter University. He also is an accomplished author, writing film treatises such as Technicolor Movies, but also novels like Production Value, Reel Danger, and The Anastasia Killer.

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