Cosplay Monday from Lake County Comic Con 2021

 A new convention that took  place in Lake County. Hosted by Trilogy Orlando in Groveland Florida. 

Guests include:

Aron Pohara: Comic book creator and writer on The Book of Lyaxia.

Brian Manowitz, the Black Metal Chef: Youtuber and author of the Seitanic Spellbook.

Daniel Govar: Marvel Comics artist on Thanos: A God Among Us.

Gary Allen Barker: Long time artist on Garfield. Former artist on Marvel Comics The Incredible Hulk, and DC Comics Peacemaker.

JJ Cohen: Actor in 3rd Rock from the Sun, 976-EVIL, Almost Famous, Amazing Stories, Back To The Future 1, 2, and 3, and V: The Series.

John Crowther: Comic book creator and writer for Heavy Metal Magazine.

Joshua Perez: Illustrator on The Transformers.

Mike Spicer: Colorist on DC Comics Swamp Thing, and Marvel Comics Beta Ray Bill.

Randy Hogan: Former professional wrestler for NWA and WCW.

Stephanie Phillips: DC Comics writer on Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Harley Quinn, and Sensational Wonder Woman.

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