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Scout Comics & Entertainment To Publish The Maze Agency By Industry Legend Mike W. Barr!

Scout Comics & Entertainment is proud to announce that it will be publishing THE MAZE AGENCY by Mike W. Barr. The newest issues in the long-running series will be drawn by Silvano Beltramo.

THE MAZE AGENCY revolves around a pair of detectives (Jennifer Mays and Gabriel Webb) and their adventures solving mind-boggling murders. It was a 1989 Eisner Award nominee for Best New Series.

First debuting in 1998 from Comico, featuring art from Alan Davis, Adam Hughes, and Rick Magyar, THE MAZE AGENCY was later published by Innovation Comics, Caliber Comics, and IDW.

“I remember buying THE MAZE AGENCY #1 in 1988 when I was 16,” remarked Scout Comics’ CEO Brendan Deneen. “I instantly fell in love with the characters, the mysteries, and the entire world that Mike had created. I also read many, many other comics by Mike, and I particularly loved CAMELOT 3000. Working with him, especially on TMA, is a dream come true.”

“I’m delighted that THE MAZE AGENCY has again found a home at Scout Comics,” says creator/writer Mike W. Barr. “Of all the features I’ve created, MAZE is my favorite, and I hope that shows in the scripts. Silvano Beltramo loves the characters and has an ideal ability to draw the urban world in which MAZE lives.”

Mike W. Barr has written nearly every single major Marvel and DC character in his decades-long career. He co-created the DC character Katana during his run on BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS, and wrote the graphic novel BATMAN: SON OF THE DEMON, which featured the first appearance of Damian Wayne.

Silvano Beltramo has worked on projects from Antarctic Press, AC Comics, Mavarts, T-Pub Comics, and Cutaway Comics, among others. Additionally, he’s a teacher at the International School of Comics in Turin, Italy.

Scout Comics & Entertainment was founded in 2015 and has over 250 comic titles in their catalog. Scout books have sold to Disney, Amazon Studios, FilmNation, State Street, and Rooster Teeth, among others.

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