15 Magnificent Reasons to Attend Anime St. Pete

St. Petersburg, Florida is getting a brand-new anime convention titled Anime St. Pete on September 17-18 at The Coliseum. The fun-filled, two-day convention’s hours are 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Saturday, and 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Sunday. Organized by the same team that brought you St. Pete Comic Con in January, this convention has everything from dance groups to voice actors. Keep reading to find out 15 reasons you won’t want to miss Anime St. Pete!

Magnificent Reason #1: Anime Voice Actors



Anime St. Pete features six notable anime voice actors. The actors include Jill Harris and Dallas Reid of Black CloverChris Guerrero of Overlord and Sk8 the Infinity, Ryan Bartley of Re:Zero and Neon Genesis EvangelionAaron Dismuke of My Hero Academia and Full Metal Alchemist, and Bryson Baugus of Haikyu! and Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya.

The voice actors will be signing autographs and taking photos all weekend. Additionally, they will be participating in Q&A panels as well.

                                                     Magnificent Reason #2: Cosplay Contests                                                                          

There are two cosplay contests at Anime St. Pete 2022: Craftsmanship and Runway.

There will be a Craftsmanship Cosplay Contest on Saturday, September 17th. Attendees are encouraged to pre-register for on the Anime St. Pete website. Competitors are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis, and there are $500 in cash prizes available for winners. (cosplayer pictured above: @raisinzzinc, who won the Craftsmanship Contest at St. Pete Comic Con 2022).

Additionally, there will be a Runway Cosplay Contest on Sunday, September 18th, which is for cosplayers who don’t specialize in craftsmanship but bring lots of personality! Winners receive a cool Anime St. Pete medal.

                                        Magnificent Reason #3: Spectacular Cosplay Guests                                                   

Anime St. Pete cosplay guests include award-winning craftsmanship cosplayers such as @kayecosplay@avera_cosplay, and @abradorable.  In addition, the event features cosplayers who have an impeccable eye for detail such as @cafededuy and @feycrafts. Moreover, there are two cosplayers who have made a huge impact online through their acting and performances such as @elissakathryn_ and @danaduhbuffalo.

Anime St. Pete attendees will have the chance to meet these extraordinary cosplayers, listen to them speak in panels, and watch as they judge two unique costume competitions.

                                                       Magnificent Reason #4: Video Games                                                   

Anime St. Pete attendees will be able to escape the crowds and play video games on The Coliseum balcony. Multiple games will be set up throughout the weekend provided by Gamers on the Edge! Gamers on the Edge is well-known for hosting local gaming tournaments in the Central Florida region and providing games at conventions such as Tampa Bay Comic Con.
Magnificent Reason #5: Lip Sync Competition


A captivating lip sync competition will be held on Sunday, September 18th. Watch as fans lip sync, dance, and act to their favorite songs! (some performing in cosplay!)  To compete in this event, you must pre-register on the Anime St. Pete website. Also, competitors have a chance to win $200 in cash prizes.

Performances will be judged by TikTok stars, @Danaduhbuffalo and @Elissakathryn_, as well as @Charmoniofficial member, @Shinjiinn.

Magnificent Reason #6: Panels and Programming                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Anime St. Pete offers more than 30 hours of panels and programming brought to you by fans. There will be trivia panels, in-character cosplay panels, discussion panels, instructional panels and more! In addition, there will be Q&A panels with professional anime voice actors on both Saturday and Sunday.

Magnificent Reason #7: Free Cosplay Photos

    Complimentary photos will be available all weekend courtesy of Greg Rice Photography. Cosplayers and attendees alike will have the chance to capture their memories in front of cool backdrops. Photos will be available online after the convention.

Magnificent Reason #8: Outstanding Vendor                                                                                                                       

Nearly 90 artists and retailers will be selling merchandise at Anime St. Pete. From POP figures to handmade creations, you’ll be able to find items from all of your favorite shows. Check out the Anime St. Pete website to see a list of vendors.

                                                  Magnificent Reason #9: Fan Art Contest                                                                                               

Anime St. Pete is hosting a Fan Art Contest on Sunday, September 18th where fans will have the chance to win $200 in cash prizes! Entrants will have 45 minutes to create a fan art masterpiece and winners will be selected after the time runs out. Art materials will be provided.

Magnificent Reason #10: Idol Group Performance


@Charmoniofficial will be taking the stage at Anime St. Pete! They are a 6 person idol group based out of Tampa, Florida. Idol groups are best known for their matching costumes, high energy dance routines, and expert lip syncing! You won’t want to miss them!

Magnificent Reason #11: Itasha



Multiple itasha will be on display during the convention. Itasha are cars decorated with characters from anime, manga, or video games. Pictured above is the amazing itasha belonging to @pixlperfect_x. It features twin maids, Ram and Rem, from Re:Zero and you’ll be able to see it at Anime St. Pete!

Magnificent Reason #12: Maid Café


Anime St. Pete 2022 will feature a maid café! If you’ve never visited a maid café before, it’s a charming, unique experience. Maids in matching costumes greet convention attendees, and serve small snacks and treats. Guests will be able to relax at the café on both Saturday and Sunday.

Magnificent Reason #13: Delicious Food Trucks     

Food trucks will be parked just outside The Coliseum for Anime St. Pete attendees. Asian-inspired options such as Miso Lucky and Kawaii Bubble Tea will be available both days.

 Magnificent Reason #14: Cosplay Photo Spots


Beside the Sunshine Center, where panels are being held, there is a remarkable tree that creates an enchanting forest backdrop.



Just inside the Sunshine Center, there is a picturesque pathway with a brick sidewalk.


Also, if you walk just down the street, The Coliseum is close to a lake where cosplayers can capture gorgeous waterfront photos.

 Magnificent Reason #15: Kpop/Jpop Showcase


Anime St. Pete is putting on a Kpop/Jpop dance cover showcase on Sunday, September 18th at 3:00 p.m. organized by MilkSoda. Groups from all over Florida are serving their best choreography talents, so be sure to cheer them on as they bring your favorite Kpop and Jpop songs to life!

Anime St. Pete Tickets

If you’re interested in attending Anime St. Pete at the Coliseum on September 17-18, you can buy tickets for as low as $25!



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