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Review: Cat & Mouse #1

Cat & Mouse #1

Illustrated by: : Dean Zachary

Written by: Roland Mann



*Quick review, some spoilers

When Brett’s ex-fiance asks him to go to New Orleans to find her runaway sister, he discovers she’s gotten herself involved in much deeper problems: human trafficking!

Cat & Mouse #1 is an exciting read for comic book enthusiasts. The first of a four-issue mini-series, written by Roland Mann, with art by Dean Zachary, inks by RB Kaalberg, and colors by Evin Gallegly.

The story follows Brett, who is asked by his ex-fiance to go to New Orleans to find her runaway sister. However, he discovers that her sister has gotten involved in much deeper problems – human trafficking. The issue sheds light on the very real problem of human trafficking in America, and the hope is that it will help open people’s eyes to the issue.

The first volume of Cat & Mouse ran for 18 issues, but this story is something completely different, written with the same mood and spirit. There are some secondary characters from the previous story that readers may recognize, but Mann doesn’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Human trafficking is a very real issue, and it’s important to bring attention to it in any way possible. Mann hopes that this story will help people see the severity of the issue and encourage them to take action. But at the same time, this is a comic book, and it should also be a fun read for fans of the genre.

Overall, Cat & Mouse #1 is an excellent start to the new mini-series, and readers can look forward to the next three issues to see how the story unfolds. The combination of Mann’s writing and the stunning artwork by Zachary, Kaalberg, and Gallegly make this comic book a must-read for fans of the genre.

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Rescuing the Runaway: Brett's Journey into the Dark World of Human Trafficking in New Orleans

Cat & Mouse #1 is the first issue in a comic book mini-series written by Roland Mann, with art by Dean Zachary, that follows Brett's search for his ex-fiance's runaway sister in New Orleans. However, he discovers that she has become involved in human trafficking. Mann hopes that the story will raise awareness of the issue while also providing an action packed read for comic book fans. The first issue is a promising start to the four-issue series.


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